Yoga on the streets by Anja Humljan

Photographer Anja Humljan Slovenia boldly breaks stereotypes: it has recently presented a series of works called «The Urban Yoga». In the illustrated publication presents her photos during yoga classes in the most unexpected places – at subway stations, grocery stores, on the basketball court …


The idea of showing athletes and dancers in the urban environment is not new: it is enough to recall the original photos from Lisa Tomasetti , which depicted a ballerina on city streets. Anja Humljan showed phenomenal skill yogis concentrate and ignore the surrounding reality.


The pictures were taken in different cities – New York, Paris, Madrid and Ljubljana. The project was attended by such photographers as Emilio P. Doiztua, Jaka Vinsek and Antoine Le Grand. Interesting was the reaction to the emergence of urban yogis on the streets: the Americans came up with pleasure, seeing everything that happens as a fun idea, the French – ignored, but the Spaniards and all were concerned about what is happening, reacted with extreme hostility.



Photocycle was presented at the Paris Fashion Week, it is expected that the work will be released shortly in a separate edition. Anja Humljan recognized that the project is of paramount importance for her because she is in the past engaged in athletics, but left the sport because I realized that really loves art and wants to pursue photography. She emphasizes that many people live in constant stress due to the fact that do not know how to create the right environment around them, because well-being often depends on what he sees in everyday life, faced with what and what words to hear. This means that each can independently create a comfortable space for themselves.


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