You Forgot Your Password, Dont Worry take this Pill You Will Get Your Password???

Here i got a news for you, which will definetly give you some shock expression I know you will not believe it, ok lets face it…what if you forgot your password? its a common problem, here is the shocking solution – Motorola is looking to develop a pill that will let you connect to your online passwords. Basically you take the pill and your body becomes some sort of conduit so your devices know who you are. Just read this report:

One idea Motorola presented was the “vitamin authentication” pill. One of Dugan’s colleagues showed a small tablet that contains an electronic chip. After someone swallows the pill, stomach acts as an electrolyte in the chip’s battery and powers it.

The chip has a switch that turns on and off, generating an 18-bit signal like an electrocardiogram. Ones entire body would be the authentication token, just like the fobs that many office workers carry to get on corporate networks. The authentication could be activated by touch, since the human body conducts electricity — touch your phone or laptop and you’re in.

So lets wait see how this pill will really work in future???? 




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