20 Facts of Today – February 23, 2015

1. Facts of the Day – Tom Green won five Raspberry Awards for ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ in 2002. He showed up in a white Cadillac, rolled out his own red carpet, and had to be dragged off stage because he wouldn’t stop play a harmonica. He made history by becoming the first performer to receive a worst actor Razzie in person.

2. Facts of the Day – Two days before “Smile Jamaica”, a free concert set up to ease violent tensions in Jamaica, Bob Marley, his wife, and manager Don Taylor were shot. He went on to perform, injured, stating that, “The people who are trying to make this world worse aren’t taking a day off. How can I?”

3. Facts of the Day – Genghis Khan killed an estimated 40 million people, resulting in a man-made climate change. The Mongol invasion effectively cooled the planet, scrubbing around 700 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

4. Facts of the Day – Asbestos in the United States has not been banned and is totally legal. When the Environmental Protection Agency tried to ban it, supporters of the asbestos industry actually overturned the ban in a lawsuit. It is still widely used in products to this day.

5. Facts of the Day – In 1900, a German mathematician named Hilbert outlined a list of 23 unsolved problems in mathematics that he hoped would be solved in the 20th century. As of 2015, only 10 have been answered.

6. Facts of the Day – More people are bitten each year by New Yorkers than by sharks.

7. Facts of the Day – In 1971, Saddam Hussein imported 95,000 tons of grain treated with fungicidal mercury. The grain was intended for planting, but the Iraqis, unable to understand the English and Spanish warnings or the “skull and crossbones” image, baked it into bread. Hundreds died.

8. Facts of the Day – Kraftwerk thanked Coldplay for asking if they could use one of their riffs by saying something like:
“Yes, you can use it, and thank you very much for asking my permission, unlike that bastard Jay-Z”

9. Facts of the Day – While shooting the Pirates XXX 2005 movie on a ship in Florida, the ship owner was told the movie was a “Disney film for families.”

10. Facts of the Day – When Youtube started requiring G+ accounts to comment, one of Youtube’s founders wrote on his his Youtube profile “why the fuck do i need a google+ account to comment on a video?”

11. Facts of the Day – Sigmund Freud’s nephew – Edward Bernays, believed the scientific manipulation of public opinion was necessary to overcome chaos and conflict in society. His subsequent work did much to create the consumerist culture we live in today.

12. Facts of the Day – Breaking Bad is in the Guinness book of world records as “the highest rated show of all time”.

13. Facts of the Day – A senior Labrador retriever named Ma Kettle was surrendered to a shelter by her owners. She then escaped from her new home and walked nearly 30 miles to return to her previous owners – who would not take her back.

14. Facts of the Day – China used more concrete in 3 years than the US did in the 20th century

15. Facts of the Day – All through the 20th century, and up until 2007, parts of Lower Manhattan were still wired up with and using Edison’s original 110V DC.

16. Facts of the Day – During Abraham Lincoln’s campaign for the presidency, a Democrat named Valentine Tapley from Missouri, swore that he would never shave again if Abe were elected. Tapley kept his word and did not shave from 1860 until he died in 1910, attaining a length of twelve feet six inches.

17. Facts of the Day – There were so many sea turtles in the Caribbean Sea when Christopher Columbus arrived that his crew was kept awake at night by the sound of the turtles banging against the hulls of the ships.

18. Facts of the Day – In 1669, King Louis XIV banned the use of pointed dinner knives to discourage violent stabbing and tooth-picking at the dinner table, which eventually lead to the popularity of the modern butter knife.

19. Facts of the Day – In Seattle Washington there is a ghost coke machine in use that nobody has ever seen filled but always has pop and the price has risen from 55 cents to 75 cents over the years.

20. Facts of the Day – In 1985 Phil Collins first performed at the Live Aid concert at Wembley, UK, 5 hours later he joined the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia, USA at the same local time as in London, thanks to the Concorde.