Alien Like Deep Sea Creature Caught Off Alaskan Coast

Sarah Vasser-Alford was on a fishing trip with her mom, just off the coat of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska. They were going after halibut, but her mom had something very different on her line. They had no idea what they had just caught, the video footage shows a odd looking animal with a small orange body and long arms, moving in a rhythmical and almost mesmerizing fashion.

Sarah originally posted the video on Facebook last month, where it amassed millions of views. Many people have been astonished by the appearance of this strange thing from the deep, and have likened it to the alien creatures in the movie Alien. Many have commented in anger, saying that she should put it back and leave it alone.

Sarah did say that she returned the creature she later identified as a basket star, also known as a Shetland Argus, unharmed.

Basket Star

Basket stars live in deep sea habitats, there long arms allow them to navigate the sea floor with ease. They can live for up to 35 years in the wild.