Massive Silverback Gorilla Cracks Enclosure Glass

Kevin, his wife and two youngest daughters were visiting their local zoo, they noticed one of the gorillas had a small cut under his left eye. A keeper said that there are three male gorillas in the enclosure and they had been fighting for dominance earlier that morning.

Kevin could see Kigito the gorilla with the cut was looking angry, so he started filming. The gorilla rushes toward the window and flies into it, cracking the outer layer of glass.

Unfortunately the little girl, seen in the reflection, had no idea that beating her chest and bearing her teeth are signs of a threat and challenge for these immensely powerful animals.

Luckily for Kevin and his family the glass is made up of three layers, the sign says ‘each layer can withstand a gorilla’s force’. He certainly put that to the test.

The three layer glass sign

Gorilla glass has 3 layers


Kevin and his shocked family

Kevin and his shocked familyvia

The cracked glass

The cracked glassvia