Insane Jet GoKart Runs on Propane Gas & Diesel

Crazy Inventor Colin Furze has done it again with this awesome duel-fuelled jet kart. The kart has hit a top speed of 60mph so far, it may be even faster, however Colin needs a longer airstrip for more testing.

The kart starts up on propane gas as it’s easy to light when the engine is cold, you can see the two gas bottles mounted on the side.

Jet Kart - Gas Bottles

Colin usually uses liquid propane to really get his jets blasting, this time he decided to try diesel as it’s much easier to get hold of and he can easily refill the tanks.

Filling the jet kart with diesel

Diesel Pressure

Glowing at night
Night Glowing JetKart

Jet exhausts
Jet Exhaust

Test run – looks like it gets pretty hot!
Jet cart test run

More details of the build and testing can be found on Colin’s website.