12 Odd Things People Love Googling

A recent study of internet searches across the world has turned up some interesting and obscure results. The research looked into peoples purchasing interests from different countries around the world. The handy Google auto-complete feature provides a wealth of knowledge by revealing the most common words and phrases as people type, using this information together with country specific filters, researchers were able to identify what people really wanted to buy, some of the results may surprise you! Here are some of the more unusual searches.

1. Slaves

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This unbelievable query only turns up in Mauritania, slavery is still happening over there with up to 20% of the population living as slaves. The practice was supposedly abolished years ago, but it still goes on and is a part of their culture.

2. Livestock

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A large number of countries in Africa and Asia are very interested in the price of livestock, with cows at the top of the list. The Middle East and North Africa are into camels, and Kenya is rather partial to the goat.

3. Prostitutes

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If you looking for that kind of party, then Thailand, Brazil, Ukraine, and Austria are the places to visit, they are currently leading in sex work searches.

4. Flying a Mig

Flying a Mig
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Russia is a leader in odd searches with flying military planes right up there.

5. Real Estate

Real Estate
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Seems like a normal search, however it’s top in Antarctica as there is a great deal of it. Hasn’t made my list of places to retire.

6. Kidneys

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The people in Iran are more interested in Kidney prices than any other country. Strange medical searches are not that common, New Zealand tops the list for vasectomies and Australia tops searches for in vitro fertilization.

7. Diamonds

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Not a massive shocker, Sierra Leone is very interested in the price of Diamonds.

8. Mooring yachts

Mooring yachts
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Monaco comes up with a host of luxury and high-end searches, many of the super-wealthy here are interested in mooring prices for their boats.

Sticking with the luxury theme, Switzerland is heavily into Rolexes, the people of Kuwait like their Lamborghinis and Italians go for their own Ferraris.

9. Nose jobs

Nose jobs
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South Korea and Albania are intent on getting rhinoplasty. Mexicans are also very into cosmetic surgery, they top the list for tummy tucks.

10. Funerals

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Haiti, Guyana, and Ireland are all super-interested in the cost of saying goodbye to their loved ones.

11. Weddings

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Weddings are a very popular term, Pakistan, Greece, Nigeria, Zambia, and Fiji have the highest numbers.

12. Panama hats

Panama hats
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I bet your guessing Panama, but Ecuador get the top spot.

The USA’s top term is patent, which is quite odd. Other top searches were pretty easy to guess including food and general living items, beer, gasoline, and real estate.