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Pilot Gave Pizza Treat To All Passengers In The Plane (1)

Pilot Gave Pizza Treat To All Passengers In The Plane

Aircraft airline Frontier Airlines, flying from Washington to Denver, made an emergency landing in Wyoming because of a severe thunderstorm. Banned from leaving the passengers aboard the plane, they were told to remain seated and wait for the weather, after which the aircraft will continue to follow up on the planned route. To brighten up the waiting departure, the pilot by his own money ordered 38 pizzas directly for the passengers, I think the pilot is so sweet.. Continue reading

Florida Woman Keeps Bengal Tigers In Her Garden

While most people spend their golden years relaxing in their garden Janice Haley chooses to hand feed the two man-eating tigers she keeps in hers. Saber — a 600 pound white Bengal male and Janda — a 400 pound orange Bengal female live in a cage at the back of Janice’s unassuming suburban home. Each day Janice, 57 hand feeds the gentle giants and Saber — the baby of the pair – can’t get off to sleep without suckling on her finger. She happened upon her extraordinary life around 20 years ago when she quit her job as an admin assistant to spend more time working outdoors.  Continue reading


Dolphins Protect Long-Distance Swimmer Adam Walker From Great White Shark – Video

British man Adam Walker is accompanied by a pod of dolphins on his quest to conquer the Oceans7! The Dolphins stayed with Adam for more than an hour and swam around him playfully getting close enough for Adam to touch. A fantastic experience for all involved.

Actually these dolphins were protecting him with whit shark was down under the water. Check out how???


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Britain's Prince William , Wife Kate And His Son Trip to Australia and New Zealand. (1)

Britain’s Prince William , Wife Kate And His Son Trip to Australia and New Zealand.

Britain’s Prince William and his wife Kate begin a multi-day trip to Australia and New Zealand.Interest to the official tour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at this time especially warms the fact that together with them on a long journey for the first time went to the little prince – baby Georgie. No sooner had the plane young representatives of royal houses of Britain land in the New Zealand capital as the Western tabloids immediately inserted a pin to the duchess. Katherine criticized for the way she dressed young son. While Kate was very dressed up in coat and hat, and William – in expensive suit of fine wool, little George was sitting on my mother’s hands in a light blouse and short shorts. And this despite the fact that the weather in Wellington is not hot: in New Zealand now autumn. At the airport, the royal family met with an official delegation headed by the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Kay. All the while Kate and William exchanging pleasantries with the host country and posed for photographers, George, as a true prince, and behaved impeccably. Due to bad weather the royal couple and their entourage had to change trains in Sydney, where over time their plane took RNZAF. In total flight from London lasted nearly 30 hours, but the kid seems perfectly slept on board, and at the airport curiously looking around. Continue reading

Baby Born Without a Brain Struggling With His Destiny (1)

Baby Born Without a Brain Struggling With His Destiny

Baby, who was born with very little brain, celebrates its second birthday. The child’s mother, Shelley Hall says that about health problems, she learned more during pregnancy. In the fetus revealed a large accumulation of fluid in the brain. For this reason, the woman repeatedly offered to terminate a pregnancy. But Shelley and her husband Rob, Noah decided to give a chance (so parents named the boy). Continue reading