Funny Pictures – June 25, 2015


Vikings as Friends

Went to clean my bathtub and found a spider wielding a toenail as a weapon. The house is his now.

Spider with wepon

This is the Perfect Combination of Cat’s Ear and Man’s Hairstyle.

Cat Hair

The gas station close to my house got a new sign…

Turn down your music pull up your pants

My sister and I couldn’t resist. My dad and uncle hoped this photo was long dead.

Dad & uncle funny photo

My friend ordered a large pizza with 8 cheese sticks. Apparently, the lady on the phone heard differently.

Ordered pizza and cheese sticks

My neighbors didn’t take down their Halloween decorations, but they’ve been adjusting them for each holiday…

Adjusting halloween decorations

Lock didn’t work had to think fast.

Lock didn't work had to think fast.

Nap all day, Sleep all night -SLOTH LIFE-

Nap all day, Sleep all night

Grandpa fixed the broken arm on my daughter’s mermaid doll.

Mermaid doll fix

My romantic dinner date lacked in the table manners department.

My romantic dinner date

So my brother got blackout drunk the other night. He found this in his toaster the next morning.

Pasta in toaster

National Portrait Gallery

National Portrait galleryvia

Does anyone know what kind of hummingbird this is?

Horse hummingbird

Corporate hates this one little trick to bypass their energy saving air conditioning thermostat locks…

energy saving air conditioning thermostat locks

Like a boss.

Seal on sun lounger

The headline writer for the New York Post deserves a raise for this one.

Shaw skank sex triangle

The Smithsonian uploaded this today.

Smithsonian Jurassic World Impression