Funny Pictures – June 27, 2015

Psst, hey kids… you wanna buy some “Bing”?

Psst, hey kids... you wanna buy some "Bing"?via

Mythbusters Test the Pullout Method

Pullout Method Mythbusters via

My sister legitimately tried to paint a picture of Stevie Wonder for my dad on his birthday.

Stevie Wonder Funny Drawingvia

After the announcement.

Rough week for bigotsvia

Bert’s last excuse was gone…

Bert Ernie, no more excusesvia

My wife insisted on getting a photo of me playing with our puppy.

Banana Suitvia

Today I learned how to change the emoji size on snap chat!!! Double tap the T.

Change the Emoji size on snap chatvia

A weapon to rival Metal Gear.

Dog tankvia

Finally, the hardest part is the deboning.

Boneless Watermelonvia

West Virginia ladies and gentlemen

Things to do in West Virginiavia

I’ve been looking forward to this moment for weeks.

Boobs on the Odometervia

I found $100,000 in the dumpster behind my business today!

I found $100,000 in the dumpster behind my business today!via

The ultimate prank.

The ultimate prank.via

In an office of 300 people and 4 bathrooms, this is like winning the lottery.

Like winning the lotteryvia

Dads a corrections officer (me) and moms a medical director at the prison. We figured it was only right.

Prison babyvia

My wife said this license plate made her think of me…

2 hour poo licence platevia

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