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Portraits Painted By a Child Suffering From Dyslexia (5)

Portraits Painted By a Child Suffering From Dyslexia

Just think of these portraits were painted not by a famous artist, and a person suffering from the disorder reading and writing skills. Different from their peers, many turn in on themselves, but not Vinzili Lowe from Malaysia. Despite his illness, he is determined to become a success due to its outline, which he easily turns into a creative portraits. See for yourself … Continue reading

Most Expressive Baby Pictures Esther Babli (13)

Most Expressive Baby Pictures Esther Babli

Esther Babli – A Great American photographer and author of talent, depicting ordinary people in their everyday lives. In addition, Esther is known worldwide for its vibrant and soulful photographs of children. Many years working in the field of photography with Esther created more than a thousand children’s pictures, forever she caught children frame of liveliness and spontaneity. Continue reading

Amazing Paintings On Dirty Vans (7)

Paintings On Dirty Vans By A Great Artist – Ruddy Muddy

Painting by British artist Ruddy Muddy But you will feel strange that he is using dirty cars as canvas. However, figures on dirty vans are more valuable than many works of contemporary artists, as they cheer up hundreds of people every day.
By the way, 39-year-old Rick, hiding under a pseudonym, has art education, but to make a living, His work is flower delivery. Continue reading

Something Wrong With This Picture .... (1)

Something Wrong With This Picture ….Roberto Bernardi

Check out and tell your views….
Reality or .Dont Know…? Amazing hyper-realistic paintings that look so good that they may be confused with a photograph.
This is an incredible work of Roberto Bernardi – his collection of household items are incredible. Although the detailed items and sweets may look like the pictures, they are actually hyper-realistic paintings. 39-year-old Italian artist can spend up to a month perfecting the intricate details of sponges for washing dishes or jars with lemonade. It uses canvas and oil for its wonderful art and the individual work can cost up to 4 million rubles.
Several examples of his paintings are below…

Please mention your view in comments.. Continue reading

Unusual Fingers Play....Unusual Fingers Play.... (1)

Ditology – Unusual Fingers Play….

It all started when the Italian artist Dito Von Teese was unable to find the right picture for his profile on social networks. Then he decided to put a finger image – get the original and secrecy. The success of photos of friends and it’s creative extraordinary artistic talent has led to the creation of a series of images of fingers, “made-up and dressed up” in order to achieve maximum similarity with the portraits of famous people – both real and fictional.

By the way, “Dito” in Italian means “finger”, so the whole project is called «Ditology».

Have  a look.. Continue reading

Common Things Amazingly Changed In Portraits (4)

Portraits of Extraordinary People from Unusual Materials

It all starts with the usual photos. Then, Bernard Pras creates their portraits. Portraits of extraordinary people from unusual materials. Toys, tools, pieces of rubber and a variety of other items that we use every day – these are the materials, which come to life through the portraits of this talented artist. These portraits can take up entire rooms! But This is really interesting have a look… Continue reading

Incredible Three-Dimensional Street Art of Kurt Wenner

Over the years, street art became very wide and people love, and Different images and interactive illusions on the streets are now became a big part of art world. Street artist Kurt Wehner knows this kind of art very well, I have already given you lots his amazing unique work to check out in previous post.His amazing 3D drawings have stole lots of people heart all around the world, His paintings are the most diverse subject, they all share one goal – to invite the audience to participate in an event. Have a look… Continue reading

Features and Benefits of the 50-mm Lens (1)

Photography – Features and Benefits of the 50-mm Lens

Normal lens – a photographic lens whose focal length is approximately equal to the diagonal size of the frame, and the field of view is 40 ° to 51 ° inclusive. Tradition is, this lens captured image looks more correct with respect to the human eye, this lens provides the most natural perspective.

In the classic 35mm film photography “normal” is a lens with a focal length of 50 mm. This value was chosen by Oscar Barnakom, the creator of the first camera Leica. Continue reading

Works of Artist Vitaly Samarin “Dreaminism“ (1)

Works of Artist Vitaly Samarin “Dreaminism“

Born in in Novokuznetsk, Siberian Russia, Vitaly Samarin Alexius is a genius freelance illustrator & photographer. Since 2000, he has been teaching on a subject of drawing and painting. Over the past years he grew to a elusive artists with great eye for details. He is famous for his unique style which he justifiably called “Dreaminism“. Continue reading

Incredible Fruit Pit Carving Art From China (1)

Incredible Fruit Pit Carving Art From China

The miniature folk art of fruit pit carving has been practiced in China for centuries, and is still praised for turning useless fruit stones into valuable works of art. Nut carving  which refers to both fruit pit and walnut carving, became popular during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), and by the time of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) it had become one of the most appreciated art forms in mainland China, with royalty and high-ranking officials considering it fashionable to wear carved fruit pit accessories. Even today, intricate nut sculptures like those which made in Suzhou, Yangzhou, Weifang in Shandong and Guangdong Province are famous for their level of detail and unique characteristics. have a look… Continue reading