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The First Flight Of a Solar-Powered Solar Impulse 2 (4)

The First Flight Of a Solar-Powered Solar Impulse 2

Solar-powered aircraft Solar Impulse 2 made its first flight, taking off from the airport on Monday Payerne in Switzerland. The new version of the device far exceeds the dimensions of the previous model. Wing length of 72 meters covered 17,248 solar cells, and the weight of the device – 2.3 tons. According Bertrand Piccard, who participated in the creation of aircraft piloted by the previous model, Solar Impulse 2 is completely unique. He does not need kerosene and can use solar energy during the day and at night, with the reach speeds of 140 km / h Thus his testers tried to show the possibility of alternative energy. In 2015, this aircraft is planned to travel around the world. Continue reading

Flight Attendant Delivers Comedy Themed Safety Announcement (WATCH)

Hilarious SWA flight attendant….wants to meet Ellen & Jimmy Fallon!!

Airlines have tried various strategies over the years to gain passengers’ attention during the safety announcements. Delta and others have produced elaborate videos. Entertainment, though, seems to work the best.

How about a comedy stand-up routine?

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant, who delivered what sounded like a professional comedy monologue during her in-flight announcements, earned a huge round of applause from everyone on the plane.

Posted on YouTube by the hilarious Marty Cobb herself, the video has tallied more than a million views since it was posted on Saturday.

Good News Network viewers might remember the 2009 musical perfomance by another Southwest employee, David Holmes, who delivered his announcements while rapping.

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The hostess at the sky. Photoshoot Of Charming Stewardess (1)

The Hostess At The Sky. Photoshoot Of Charming Stewardess

You fly a plane? Many of you will respond immediately answer yes. And who is the ornament of any aircraft? Of course the flight attendants. Going to the next flight, we do not even think what Kind of hard work they do, What kind of tough training they need to go through? Despite the fatigue and endless flights they always need to be on our toes and demonstrate affable and smiling faces of the passengers. But let’s not be sad today. I suggest you see a small photo shoot aviation charming stewardess Anna.
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The Woman Repeated The Legendary Solo Flight At 13,000 km (7)

The Woman Repeated The Legendary Solo Flight At 13,000 km

Fearless woman pilot made ​​a flight of nearly 13 000 km biplane 1940 release.
Difficult weather conditions in Europe have become a real challenge for Tracy Curtis Taylor during her journey from Cape Town in Goodwood, UK.
51-year-old woman finally fulfilled his dream by repeating the legendary flight in 1928, when Mary Halsey became the first pilot, alone flown across Africa.
Ms. Curtis Taylor began its journey in Cape Town, and has been, at Goodwood in West Sussex that.
She says, “The most important thing in such long flights, so you are lucky with the weather. In Europe they have persecuted me strong crosswinds and headwinds. ”

Interesting Journey

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