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For The Bad Russian Winter??? (1)

For The Bad Russian Winter???

That’s such a miracle was collected by BIYSKIY craftsmen.

The car is based on Nissan Maxima. In tehnopank style. Has all features of business class cars + off-road capability. Auto positioned as shoukar. The project ispolzonano computer simulation based on a miscalculation knots and used cars nagruzok.Pri painting original technology that has given surface svoebrazny effect. Continue reading

How China Preparing For The Welcome of New Year 2014 (1)

How China Preparing For The Welcome of New Year 2014

I am sure for the people who are in china and who caan see this live they are very lucky but for others you can see the pics…. of Amazing Winter Wonderland: The Chinese city made entirely of ice

Some 10,000 workers have been toiling away at impressive sculptures made out of ice and snow for the 30th Harbin Ice and Snow Festival in China. The remarkable structures, which are incredibly detailed with windows, turrets and domes, need about 330,000 cubic metres of snow and ice to build. The annual festival in north-eastern China is due to open to tourists on January 4. Continue reading

Incredible Frosty Under Water Beauty By John Weller (25)

Incredible Frosty Ice and Under Water Beauty By John Weller

John Weller, A American documentary photographer in Boulder, Colorado. He studied economics and philosophy at Stanford University, but in 1999 took up photography professionally. Following the publication of the first book about the national park “Great Sand Dunes” in 2004, focused on shooting the Ross Sea, Antarctica. In 2009, he received a scholarship Pew Fellowships in the Arts to work in environmental conservation project, “The Last Ocean”. I just like  the pictures they seems to be so quiet and amazing, check out…. Continue reading


Magical ice hotel in Canada on a novel by Jules Verne…

Unique Canadian ice hotel Hôtel de Glace in this year’s “back” after the 13th of reconstruction. Magic Castle annually constructed of hundreds of thousands of tons of snow and ice, each time in the design ice hotel play on a new topic. Last year, an amazing ice architecture was decorated with carved designs with motifs of nature, but this time the designers inspired by Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, was chosen as the theme “Journey to the Center of Winter”, focusing on the beauty of this time of year.

Masterfully built wall transport visitors into a magical winter country full of ornate design and carefully selected interior details.Located in the suburbs of Quebec ice hotel, ironically became a “hot spot” and attracts crowds of visitors wishing to tour a fancy hotel to spend the night here, or even get married in the beautiful chapel of the ice place. Because of the growing popularity, the hotel has increased the number of rooms to 44, compared to 36 last year. In addition, the hotel is a popular ice-bar and numerous activities for the whole family. Ice Hotel will be open to the public until March 24. Continue reading

Ice Sculptures After a Fire - Chicago (1)

Ice Sculptures After a Fire – Chicago

Firefighters in Chicago responded to the largest fire in years last night. According to The Chicago Tribune, at one point a third of the city’s firefighters were battling the blaze at a vacant warehouse.
Luckily no one was hurt, but the arctic temperatures the area is experiencing meant the firefighters faced issues like frozen hydrants.
The pictures of the action, however, are made simply stunning because of the ice. Have a look… Continue reading

Incredible Masterpieces of Ice Sculpture (1)

Incredible Masterpieces of Ice Sculpture

With the arrival of cold weather in different cities and towns master of ice figures create the intricate design of the ice blocks. In the case goes as artificial ice, and natural ice blocks. Sculptures are obtained and very simple, and very complicated, because there is no limit of imagination of this artist. we offer you a selection where you will find a dozen of these ice masterpieces from various countries. Continue reading

Can You Make Rainbow Needle Out Of Milk Cartons.... (9)

Can You Make Rainbow Igloo Out Of Milk Cartons….

A native of New Zealand and engineer Daniel Gray went to Edmonton, Canada to spend time with his girlfriend and her parents for five weeks. Whether for fun, or to test the ability of the future in-law, mother-in-law asked him to build a Igloo. And, as a building material were selected from the packaging of milk that a resourceful mother started collecting a few months earlier. Continue reading

Incredibly Amazing Hotel Made Of Ice and Snow - Sweden (15)

Incredibly Amazing Hotel Made Of Ice and Snow – Sweden

For that year, when the temperature drops below zero in Sweden, there is a construction started of hotel made of ice and snow. Inside the ice hotel you will find an ice bar, a church made of ice and exclusive apartments by interior designers who are developing around the world. it was just amazing and like a dream, have a look and after please share your views…. Continue reading