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TOP 10 Countries Humans Live Long Life – Strange Facts

I Know this is really strange thing to say but that really true when I was reading this article, just a thought was kicking my mind is it true if we live in this country we get more life, don’t know got know, I am not thinking much on it but we must know this strange facts check out in which country people live long life…. Continue reading

10 Highest Trees of the Planet (10)

10 Highest Trees of the Planet

This is a list of the 10 largest trees in the world. The exact location of the 10 tallest trees are kept secret, so the pictures of these trees almost never find. Trees are not protected by 24 hour, 7 days a week, and Because of only secretive information to tourists does not damage the infrastructure and does not interfere with the trees to grow further. Continue reading

Top 10 Odd Stories Of November 2011

Again this month We have a plenty of bizarre events happening, it was a quite difficult task to get hold of the Top 10 of them. The news says whats happening in your North, East, West and South; so this is the most odd stuff happened in all 4 directions. A guy with racist tattoo cleans it off, a rugby team boss being fined 100 pigs etc.. For me this is the most bizarre month in terms of the news. Full of truth but strange !!

Go ahead and read the Top News Of The November 2011.

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