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Fantastic Retrofotografii From The Lake Bottom (6)

Fantastic RetroPhotography From The Lake Bottom

“Tarzan” Johnny Weissmuller with the swimmer in the lead role.Mozert first wanted to make a few shots workflow. But the lake, where the shooting took place, was struck by its crystal clear water, and the photographer thought about the series of underwater shots, for which he built a waterproof box camera from scrap materials. Continue reading

25 Best Places For Snorkeling (13)

25 Best Picturesque Places For Snorkeling – World

Bored of the cold? The sun a couple of days worth hide by us, and we have dreams of summer. Well, why do not really think about where and how you want to spend holiday …
That’s just let’s not ly idle by the pool or, even worse, in the country, 50 km from the city. Think wider! Why not plan an active holiday full of experiences? For example, snorkel in one of the most picturesque places in the world. Especially that we have prepared for you a list of such places. Continue reading

Jacob's Well - A Natural UnderWater Cave (1)

Jacob’s Well – A Natural UnderWater Cave

Jacob’s well a amazing natural cave more than 100 meters deep, 4 meters in diameter. Large, inexhaustible source stems from the most extensive underwater cave systems in the state of Texas.
This inexhaustible source, powered by the most extensive system of underwater caves in Texas, on the surface looks like a 4-meter pool, which instead of the bottom is the abyss. It looks really dangerous from the above, I don’t know you will like to jump in it or not? Continue reading

First Underwater Hotel Room In Africa (2)

First Underwater Hotel Room In Africa

Sleep surrounded by the inhabitants of the underwater world is now considered a special glamour.

This month in Africa  the first underwater hotel room was opened. That is, this room – the second of its kind in the world.

Design Hotel Manta Resort (which is the island of Pemba in the Indian Ocean) entrusted by the Swedish artist Mikael Genberg, who helped to create the world’s first underwater hotel in one of the Swedish lakes. Phone Manta Resort secured four meters below the surface – a little deeper than the Swedish counterpart.

Three-level apartment features deck-roof, the lower deck, where moored boats and, of course, underwater bedroom with large windows affording an almost complete overview and allows you to admire the coral reef and observe the life of dozens of species of marine inhabitants. This whole structure is secured by means of wire ropes and anchors.

Night in this room will cost $ 900 for one person and $ 1,500 for a couple. So just don’t wait plan your holidays here asap.

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Abandoned Underwater Strip Club - Red Sea in Eilat, Israel (1)

Abandoned Underwater Strip Club – Red Sea in Eilat, Israel

A lost Abandoned Underwater Strip Club is in Red Sea in Eilat, Israel, Sounds impossible, but it’s real. The club is located on the shores of the Red Sea in Eilat, Israel. First it was an underwater restaurant, then it was re-opened as a strip club for a while, then shut down altogether about a year ago. Have a look at the pictures. Continue reading

Underwater Pictures From A Great Photographer Micah (13)

Amazing Underwater Pictures From A Great Photographer Micah

Micah Camara is a photographer who lives in Lihue, Hawaii. In his portfolio you will get a lot of pictures under water, because Hawaii is known paradise for swimming, diving and surfing. In this series, which is called “Under the Sea”, beautiful girls, like a mermaid, enjoy snorkeling.

Just have a look. and let me know who like Hawaii and your experience if you want to share.


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Underwater Miniatures Made Hilariously Creative Scenes (1)

Underwater Miniatures Made Hilariously Creative Scenes

Sometimes aquarists take themselves way too seriously, they work some good to inject a bit of humor, or at least something to distract us from the hustle and bustle of tank maintenance and aquarium related headaches. So, when we stumbled across this very funny and very creative series of underwater miniatures, we knew we had to share. After spending a great deal of time photography nudibranchs in the Pacific, Jason Isley of Scubazoo decided it was time to mix things up. He took miniature figurines and placed them in the scene with various marine animals, resulting in some fun and interesting imagery. Continue reading

Underwater World By Sara Lee (37)

Underwater World By Sara Lee

This young American woman of twenty-one years, is considered a true master of underwater photography. She manages to make an incredibly dynamic and colorful pictures underwater, especially in the surging wave.
We do not know exactly where she came from, Sara Lee, but judging by the entries in her blog, she considers her home to the Hawaiian Islands. Currently, she lives somewhere in the Fiji Islands, photographing his fellow surfers. At first glance, it might seem that she is completely focused on the waves of the Pacific. However, it is not. The portfolio is different in genre pictures… Continue reading

Mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs, a Unique Attraction... (2)

Mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs, a Unique Attraction…

Weeki Wachee Springs is one of Florida’s oldest and most unique roadside attractions. It’s located about an hour north of Tampa at the crossroads of U.S. 19 and State Road 50. For nearly 60 years, this 430-acre theme park has attracted visitors who come to watch beautiful women dressed as mermaids with fins about their legs swim in the cool, clear spring waters. Continue reading