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Extreme Body Modification Joel Miggler (1)

Extreme Body Modification To a New Level – Joel Miggler

23-year-old Joel Miggler, also known as Bodymoded Punky, Küssaberg lives in Germany and is in great passion for body modification. Above all, he was famous for his large holes in the cheeks, whose diameter is 36 mm. Some people see Joel on the street, surprise considering his other general panic, and some people even like it, but not one remains indifferent.

Some will really don’t like it so see if you can see???

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Some Weird Phobias You May Have ??? (25)

Some Weird Phobias You May Have ???

Hard to imagine a man who never afraid of nothing. But if most people usually fear of physical injury, disease, dangerous animals, loneliness, death, and other things, some strange individuals shocked by quite harmless and trivial things. These people seem crazy and sometimes even pretenders, but they are seriously affected by their phobias.
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Most Weird Model You May Have Ever Seen………

All around the world are used to a model appearance, which is published in glossy magazines. She have the perfect shape, well-groomed face and hair. 25-year-old fashion model Melanie Gaydos (Melanie Gaydos) is fundamentally different from the generally accepted canons. Many people do not mince words, seeing Melanie. But those who have managed to have a little chat with the girl, saying that she had an incredible energy, charisma and inner beauty! Take a look! Continue reading

Room Number 107 - Odd Photo series (2)

Room Number 107

Lyndon Wade dynasty of creative advertising photographers The Wade Brothers presents his project “Room 107.” This is a series of photographs of the same hotel room with its various inhabitants. Who just is not there – and the couple, and the elderly, youth and crown, and gangsters. So many different energy and emotion in one place. Have you ever thought about who was their before you in the room? Continue reading