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Scary Delicious Cakes From The Beauty Christina (8)

Scary Delicious Cakes From – Christina McConnell

Christine McConnell from Los Angeles – stylist, photographer and model by profession – has found a unusual hobby. At leisure, she bakes cakes, brownies and cookies very unusual shapes. Waffle cones with alien monsters, cookies in the form of monsters, scary cake with skulls and other fantastic creatures McConnell posted on Reddit, where rapidly reach the first place. CHECK OUT A new trend.

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Scary Railways of South America (11)

Scary Railways of South America – Jean-Marc Fluburg

French photographer Jean-Marc Fluburg went to great lengths to make these incredible pictures of one of the most scenic rail routes in South America, passing through Peru and Chile. At 56-year-old Jean-Marc Paris, whose daily work is rather linked with the pharmaceutical industry, he said – there is my old hobby, he likes to travel and take pictures, and especially everything connected with the railways and rail. Continue reading

Scary Zombies Walk on the Streets of Tel Aviv (1)

Scary Zombie Walk on the Streets of Tel Aviv

When the people of Israel having fun and celebrated Purim on the streets of Tel Aviv, there are some zombies. And not one, two, three … A hundred! They appear from nowhere and go nowhere. And though they look scary, they are actually very funny and good-natured creatures. During those 2-3 hours they managed to scare and entertain residents and visitors lounging in Tel Aviv.

Well it is true, they are also zombiesfoto il / Zombies on the streets of Tel Aviv's Zombie Walk Tel Aviv (icon smile) According to the Hebrew Wikipedia the procession was attended by more than 5,000 two-legged creatures!

Interestingly many were prepared very well for this event. Makeup and costumes of many of the participants were worked out in detail. Most zombies during the march “played” like the real actors –  gait and behavior and they made real sounds. Here he comes and goes suddenly stops … stand up for about 3 minutes later kaaaaaak scream and run. Runs 20 meters and falls ….sometimes it was really scary… Just have a look…. Continue reading