Cool Stuff – July 21, 2023

Too many legs!

Surprisingly robust beach crawler for how crazy it looks
by u/LinguoBuxo in BeAmazed

Mixed reality looks cool

MR “northstar project”
by u/qwbif in BeAmazed

Grape jerky

by u/vanraj_09 in BeAmazed

This feels both real and fake at the same time.

Chicken: An answer to camera shake
by u/SonicAkshay_26 in BeAmazed

The spirits of… the nightsisters!

Ocean sponges are multi-cellular animals that eat by filter-feeding. How powerful are their filters? With the help of non-toxic fluorescein dye, we can see how highly effective ocean sponges are as filters of ocean water.
by u/ojodefiz in BeAmazed

Gravity effect

be amazed : car crash with gravity effect
by u/vanraj_09 in BeAmazed

Momma’s like, “I’m a simple duck. I see ducklings, I protect.”

10 orphaned ducklings adopted by a mother duck
by u/External_Industry739 in BeAmazed

1910 is the best in my opinion.

Pensil sharpeners throughout the years.
by u/fat_old_boy in BeAmazed

That’s Optimus Prime and the Autobots

Dog walker captured the moment a rocket broke apart in the earth atmosphere
by u/OneHundredForcer in BeAmazed

Well I guess now we know what they were praying for.

Level Up
by u/IkilledRichieWhelan in BeAmazed

These things are so amazing. The most alien like creature on the planet.

Octopus disguised as Squidward’s head sticking out of the coral
by u/OneHundredForcer in BeAmazed

I wish we had this nowadays.

Parallel Parking in 1927
by u/ojodefiz in BeAmazed

I almost fell over watching this

Realistic 3D walls dinosaur park
by u/Born_Cash_4210 in BeAmazed

Today, I made some toast.

The pocket watch
by u/Ok_Influence_4274 in BeAmazed


One mistake away from crushing the family jewels
by u/Luke_The_Random_Dude in BeAmazed

I love it!

Weekend project
by u/Intejuv in BeAmazed

New Winter Olympic sport, lets go!

Ice skating tennis
by u/OneHundredForcer in BeAmazed

It looks like the part of the out of bounds area in a game coming closer and closer.

Edge of Rain
by u/seeker0910 in BeAmazed

That’s his lunch and he’s not giving it up!

Fishermen unexpectedly pull up a giant pacific octopus with their crab pot.
by u/Bunnystrawbery in BeAmazed

Anyone shows this to my wife and God as my witness I will find you. There will be… pain… so much pain.

40,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
by u/GuruTime2 in BeAmazed

Just a light meal.

Frog ate firefly
by u/XahidX in BeAmazed

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