How to Cut Your Own Hair??? (1)

How to Cut Your Own Hair???

Driven by a surge in demand because of the recession, celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford has devised a DIY haircut specifically for busy, cash-strapped mums. It’s super-quick, stylish and supposed to suit anyone with medium-to-long hair who just needs graduated layers. I know many will love this post….

This is how it is done.

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17 thoughts on “How to Cut Your Own Hair???”

  1. this DOES work! I’ve used this technique since 1978 when I first saw it in a magazine done with hedgeclippers! Its great for a quick, overall layered look. And you can adjust the length you want.

  2. this does work i used it for the first time tonight and i was so made up with it, being a single mum it isnt easy leaving the kids to go and get my hair cut, so tonight i grabbed my scissors and followed the instructions, an well…… it looks good i give it to you that it doesnt look as good as a professionals work but its adjustable and you can do it at home whilst the kids are in bed. so for me its fab and i will be doing it again and again, saves me money time and worry,

  3. I just did this and it DOES work! I love my new hair and it only took 3 minutes. I changed up my bangs a bit but other than that its amazing!

  4. you can find the video on youtube where someone is actually doing it. your basically making random straight cuts.

  5. It does work!
    I just did it, first time in my life.
    Great for a quick fix tidy up.

  6. This is one of the better haircuts I’ve had. Thank you so much for posting it!
    I hate sitting in a salon chair- seems to take forever- and with two toddlers it’s
    so difficult to even get the time. This took me 5 minutes with my 3 year watching.

  7. You did NOT explain how you did the bangs! the pics shown are only for the “layers”.

  8. This hairstyle looks like what they wore in the 70s and 80s. Like those guys from the rock bands. I don’t want to look like Suzi Quatro lol.

  9. This does work.
    I’m fed up of getting haircuts I’m not happy with, so decided to grow my hair longer and cut it myself. Saves time, money and irritation.
    This does give a slightly “Suzi Quattro” effect, but with straighteners I like the look. The layers are even, and I have a longish fringe which gets cut at the same time I’m doing the main chop.

  10. This technique is going to give you a naff haircut!
    It’s bad advice.
    You’d have to be very lucky to end up with something that suits you.
    She’s got the hairstylist there telling her that the ponytail is in the correct place and that she is holding the scissors at the correct angle.
    The results even then look very dated.

  11. If you follow the instructions, it will give you bangs automatically. If you look at where she cuts, it’s the length of the bangs she ended up with.

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