Weasel Riding A Woodpecker

These unbelievable shots were taken by an east London hobby photographer named Martin Le-May. He was walking in a park with his wife when they heard and then saw the commotion. The woodpecker flew right across them, allowing Le-May to snap these Once in a lifetime pictures.

Weasel Riding Woodpecker by Martin Le-May

As the Woodpecker flow past them, they spotted a small animal clinging to its back, that turned out to be a baby weasel.

Weasel Attacking a Woodpecker by Martin Le-May

Weasels like to rob eggs from birds’ nests, this baby weasel was probably doing just that – ensuring a fight with this European green woodpecker.

Weasel on Woodpeckers Back by Martin Le-May

The woodpecker eventually landed with the weasel still on its back, a short struggle ensued and the baby weasel fled.

Weasel Fighting a Woodpecker by Martin Le-May

The weasel was distracted by Le-May and his wife, allowing the bird time to escape. It would have likely been a very different story if Le-May and his his wife had not been there.

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