30 Best Tattoos of the Week – June 05th to June 11th, 2012

1. I literally said “I want a lion coming out of the ground with a lot of color” – Piece done by Blenner Silva

2. Everyone grows up

3. My arm 🙂

4. Unfinished tattoo by one artist finished by another “scars into stars”

5. Sacred Geometry Dotwork. Dan Bones in Brooklyn.

6. Figured I’d throw my piece up, done by Chris at Feel Good Ink, Spokane Washington.

7. My husband and me as robots on my arm! Artist was Alx from The Matrix, Barrie Ontario.

8. TMNT — Justin Zaun Independent Ink, Fargo ND

9. Handpoked Unalome – Bryan Thomas, Born This Way Body Arts – Knoxville, TN

10. The Secret of the Universe by Dave from Tattoos at the Red Room

11. Tattoo pro tip: carry one of these with you everywhere you go. Fits in your pocket and protects your tattoos from fading!

12. My owl in a teapot by stephanie from electric dragonland

13. Why doesn’t white ink get used more often?

14. The start to the birthday gift i got myself.. Happy 21st to me! Hope yall enjoy. done by Graham Bradford at Pain and Wonder Tattoo, Athens

15. All hail the dark lord – DARTH VADER! by Jon Goad – Born This Way Body Arts – Knoxville, TN

16. Blue heron and bicycle for my love of cycling along the river paths of Ohio. By Kevin Byers at Truth & Triumph in Dayton, Ohio


17. Drawin’ roses & skulls n junk, Custom Tattoos by Adam Sky, San Francisco, CA

18. My first tattoo, the Cheshire Cat. Quote reads, “I’m not crazy. My reality is just different than yours”. Done by Gino Angelov at Diamond Jacks, London.

19. My Yurei (Japanese ghost girl) from my recent trip by En @ Detroit Diesel tattoo – Tokyo, Japan.

20. My dad got a portrait tattoo of me. Artist Adam da punk (new wave, muswell hill, UK) Original pic last in album.

21. My first tattoo! Rose and filigree quarter sleeve. By Alice Kendall, Portland, OR. Couldn’t love it more.

22. My Wife’s Back Piece. Dream Catcher, Also Done By Stephen Yates of Houston, Tx.

23. My feet – Maneki Neko

24. Japanese traditional half sleeve. Done by Jaime of Death of Glory Tattoo. Westbrook, Maine

25. For those of you who aren’t sick of my back piece yet, background colour and more leaves added, Evan Dowdell, Time Will Tell, ON

26. Adicts inspired greyscale piece. Nyssa Elliot, Ink Emporium, Brisbane AU

27. The start of my Justice League sleeve, Superman. Done by Jacob Miller, Ironclad – Jacksonville Beach, FL.

28. Final Design for my next Tattoo

29. My koi, pretty much finished 😀 Getting my shoulder covered as well on the 27! Done by Aaron @ Mike’s tattoo, peterborough ON

30. My newest. A simple geometric flower by Jeff Brown at Hold Fast Tattoo, Dallas, TX.