What happens when you drop an apple from an oil rig?

You can probably guess what’s going to happen when you drop food into the ocean near a structure teeming with fish, it’s quite amazing how fast the feeding frenzy happens.

Throwing an apple from an offshore oilrig
by u/SinjiOnO in oddlysatisfying

‘I kept thinking a whale was going to come up and eat them all in one big gulp.’

‘That first fish was on it. They went for it before it even hit the water or thereabouts!’

‘I had to slow down the video to see when that first fish made its appearance, it was already loitering around in the area at about 3 seconds in.’

‘Man, that one fish was already going for it before it even hit the water.’

‘Apple’s back on the menu boys!’

‘Do these guys ever get to go fishing off the rig?’

‘Frozen milk is even better, freeze a litre carton of milk, peel the carton off and throw the block of milk ice in, they go absolutely mental and lasts for ages.’

If your wondering what it would be like with different foods; feast your eyes on this similar video done with rice.

Throwing rice from an offshore oilrig
by u/SinjiOnO in oddlyterrifying