25 Best Photos from Wikipedia

We all know what wikipedia is, so here i got some best images from wikipedia today which came after careful selection and long voting process, finally lucky people became the winners of the photo contest, for which community members voted Wikipedia Commons. Take a look its cool & interesting….

1. Luke Viato

Lock Belay

“Lock Belay”

2. Luke Viato

Cathedral of Saint-Aubin

“Cathedral of Saint-Aubin”

3. Stefan Krause

Tabletop Photography

“Tabletop Photography”

4. Serge Kochi

young elephant

“Young Elephant”

5. User Alchemist-hp

Synthetic bismuth Crysta

“Synthetic Bismuth Crystal”

6. Jon Peltier

Start space shuttle Atlantis

“Start space shuttle Atlantis”

7. Thomas Kastelatso

A fragment of a mummy

” A fragment of a Mummy  “

8. JJ Harrison

Meat viviparous fly

“Meat Viviparous fly”

9. “Australian pelicans”

"Australian pelicans," owned by Noodle snacks.

Owned by Noodle snacks.

10. Jeremy Reading

Jeremy Reading "Japanese maple"“Japanese Maple”

11. Didier Deskyune

Didier Deskyune "Teske's Tomb."

“Teske’s Tomb.”

12. NASA’s

NASA's "Panorama of the Moon with the assistance of Apollo 17."

“Panorama of the Moon with the assistance of Apollo 17.”

13. Yuri Beletsky

Yuri Beletsky "Paranalskaya Observatory. Chile ".

“Paranalskaya Observatory. Chile “.

14. User-Donald

User-donald-«Lichtenstein Castle in Germany."

“Lichtenstein Castle in Germany”

15. Member Leo za1

Member Leo za1 «The young leopard."

“The young leopard.”

16. Member ST

Member ST «male agama".

“Male Agama”

17. User Mbz1

User Mbz1 «Bridge Golden Gate».

«Bridge Golden Gate»

18. Dmitry Motti

Dmitry Motti "Lake Vuoksa on the border between Russia and Finland."

“Lake Vuoksa on the border between Russia and Finland”

19. Michael Otto

Michael Otto "Lonely House".

“Lonely House”.

20. Ramirez

Ramirez 'Old bridge over the Neretva River. "

“Old bridge over the Neretva River “

21. Carey James Balboa

Carey James Balboa "red-tree-frog."


22. Pierre-Emmanuel Buato

Pierre-Emmanuel Buato "Sadhu at Varanasi."

“Sadhu at Varanasi.”

23. User john

User john «Vulcan peak Sarychev. Kuril Islands. "

“Vulcan peak Sarychev. Kuril Islands “

24. Luke Galutstsi

Luke Galutstsi "Bend of the Colorado River."

“Bend of the Colorado River”

25. Joe Kane

Joe Kane, "The plane V-22 Osprey on the rise."

“The plane V-22 Osprey on the Rise”

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