Funny Pictures – June 26, 2015

Rolling a gigantic fatty.

Rolling a fattyvia

Ever wondered what the lights on your cars dash mean?

Cars warning lights meaningvia

So my Aunt bought a squirrel proof feeder.

Squirrel proof feedervia

Don’t worry, I will.

Don't forget to FAPvia

My mom pointed out that the Dog looked familiar.

Dog looks like the Lion from Wizard of Ozvia

Just trying to get my work done when I see this suspicious fucker watching me.

Suspicious House

Should I turn off the internet?

Turn off the Internetvia

No matter how different people are, every house has one of these drawers.

Junk Drawervia

What a real Manscape tool looks like.

Manscaping Toolsvia

I am considered cute by all girls, I suppose.

considered cutevia

Encountered an obstacle this morning but wasn’t worried. I’ve trained for this.

I've trained for thisvia

Bad Luck Brian.

No refund for used underwearvia

Merry Half-Christmas!

Happy Half-Christmas!!via

Told Gramps it would be easier to use a wheelchair to get through the airport.

Airport Wheelchairvia

I’m guessing Tennessee?

Redneck Weddingvia

One day I will have to get a tattoo like this.

Hair Tattoovia

Found this hunting dog. I guess he isn’t lost.

I'm not lost fuck off!via

Are you sure about that?

Nothing is written in stonevia