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15 Best Adrenaline Rush Pictures of the Week – April25th to May 02nd, 2012

1. This stunt is called the “Severed Hand,” and it is the first of seven stunts on a trail deep in the mountains of Burnaby, British Columbia. Rider Ben Boyko.

2. This under represented sport.

3. A hiker looks out on a sea of clouds on Taiwan’s Holy Ridge, a hiking trail on and around Snow Mountain.

4. Peter Mendia surfing in Chile.

5. Cam McCaul Tail whipping a River Gap for NWD9.

6. 16-year-old Jake Teuton blowing our minds with this 70 foot Mega Launch in Revelstoke, British Columbia.

7. Kevin Bradley: Kickflip.

8. Fresh powder. Photo courtesy of Frode Sandbech.

9. A casual afternoon ski in Chugach National Forest, Alaska.

10. A person sits precariously on the edge in Trolltunga, Norway.

11. Mike Basich heli drop.

12. Standing on the edge of an unfinished building in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

13. Michal Krol taking a break before the final stretch. Photo by Adam Kokot.

14. Ishod Wair: Frontside 360.

15. Dirt biker rounding a corner.

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