optical illusion

Check Out 40 Funny Optical Illusions

Another post dedicated to optical illusions, many of us interested in this topic. Optical illusions created our mind, which is like the easiest way to look at things. At first glance, we are try to correlate the images with the most basic and intimate interpretation, and only in few seconds, we understand what is in the picture, and we begin to see the individual parts.

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Mountains, Lakes and Sunrays by Chip Phillips…

American amateur photographer Chip Phillips took up photography in 2006, when his father gave him an old Pentax. Despite the fact that the chip is working musician in a symphony orchestra, but also teaches clarinet at the university, he finds time for a photo. Most of all he loves to take pictures, which had come more than a professional, as evidenced by publications in journals and won the competition. Here is a selection of his photographs of mountains and lakes. Continue reading

Can You Make Rainbow Needle Out Of Milk Cartons.... (9)

Can You Make Rainbow Igloo Out Of Milk Cartons….

A native of New Zealand and engineer Daniel Gray went to Edmonton, Canada to spend time with his girlfriend and her parents for five weeks. Whether for fun, or to test the ability of the future in-law, mother-in-law asked him to build a Igloo. And, as a building material were selected from the packaging of milk that a resourceful mother started collecting a few months earlier. Continue reading