30 Best Art Pictures of the Week – May 24th to May 31st, 2012

30 Best Art Pictures of the Week – May 24th to May 31st, 2012

1. Morgan Freeman drawn in paint.


2. I painted a tiki for my class final. Considering making a series.

3. In about 2 weeks i got entry exams for an art school so i painted this to show, I’d really be gratefull for any constructive criticism

4. Self-portrait

5. A reasonably quick digital painting of mine.

6. My india ink ballerina

7. Kentucky father and son create NBA draft prospect Anthony Davis out of Kix and Reese’s Puffs cereal

8. Color Pencil Drawing: Fluffhead

9. Worm Gash and others – Charlie Immer

10. I painted my dad.

11. Simply Beautiful

12. Girlfriend drew this picture of a rhino

13. One of my more recent digital paintings.

14. Banksy Unveils New Pieces

15. Karmaohlic

16. A self portrait of mine..

17. My pride and joy: a digital painting of a griffin using Photoshop Elements 5

18. I don’t see much formalist sculpture round these parts, so here are three of my cast iron pieces I made last year.

19. Double Charcoal Portrait (constructive criticism?)

20. Steve Buscemi

21. A Collection of Adolf Hitler’s Art 

22. Sound of Silence by Jason Yarmosky

23. Graphite portrait of my cousin. I’ve always had a hard time with things that aren’t the face..

24. Beautiful crayon sculptures by artist Diem Chau

25. My last submission lacked structure…this one has more. Let me know what you think…


26. Poster poster poster poster poster.

27. I’ve been drawing before Chinese class.

28. Pencil Drawing: Abraham Lincoln

29. Cat Lady 2000

30. TOOL Inspired Painting Made On My Nintendo 3DS.

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