30 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – Oct 13th to Oct 19th, 2013

30 Best Pictures of Machine this Week – Oct 13th to Oct 19th, 2013

Check out the best machine porn of this week and add it in your collection…

1. Edgley EA-7 Optica [4000x1920] (from /r/aviation)


2. One of a fleet of floating antiques, the 112-year-old lake steamer Unterwalden still criss-crosses Lake Lucerne every day. [OS][1024x679] (x-post /r/Schweiz)

3. F-1 rocket engine used in the Saturn V program. [OC] [2697x1926]

4. An open swing bridge on the Intracoastal Waterway [3000x2002][OC]

5. X-ray generator – ‘Compact Light Source’ [600x425] [OS]

6. Singer Professional T-65 [OC] [2902x2400]

7. Flight deck of a Russian Tupolev Tu-160 – the fastest strategic bomber in service, also co-piloted once by Vladimir Putin. [1280x851][OS]

8. Brewhouse of Brewery Feldschlösschen, Rheinfelden, Switzerland [OC][3264x2448]

9. Fly wheel of an old cooling unit at Brewery Feldschlösschen, Rheinfelden, Switzerland [OC][2448 x 3264]

10. Mister Geppetto working on his CAN-AM Chevy V8 race car [OC] [3872 x 2592]

11. Elevator of Soudan Mine, MN. More in comments. [OC] [960x720]

12. Old Huyghe (Delirium) Brewery, Melle, Belgium [3264 × 2448] [OC]

13. Kamov Ka-31 AEW helicopter with contra-rotating rotors [OC][1200x812]

14. The tug Taft Beach as seen from above. [oc][768x1024][xpost /r/tuglife]

15. Full frontal view of a Milwaukee Road E9 at Deer Lodge Montana [710 x 1024] [OC]

16. Built to break a land speed record. A twin turbine powered jet luge with afterburners. 3264×2448

17. internals of Capstone C200 200kW microturbine for CHP plant [522 x 347] [OS]

18.  Old-style Pneumatic Control Panel, Offshore Oil Platform [OC][800x600][AIC]

19. Westland Sea King Mk.42C naval helicopter [OC][1200x812][xpost r/MilitaryPorn]


20. An F9C Sparrowhawk inside the USS Akron airship, 1932 [740x585]

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