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1. New York is Often Called the “Capital of the World”: A “City for everyone” has the features Incorporated of Different Cultures, Which is Reflected in ITS appearance. The main feature of Modern New York – certainly Skyscrapers. There are more than 500 buildings with more than 100 meters. For this indicator, New York is Second only to Hong Kong. Most people have to Get acquainted with New York, Lifting His head up. But to Fully appreciate the Beauty of this City, it is Necessary to look not from below but from above.


2. The City is Relatively young, it WAS Founded in the early 17th century Dutch kollonistami. Due to the Abundance of Natural Channels and High water, WAS Originally Called New Amsterdam – New Amsterdam. In 1664 the city without resistance was captured by the British and renamed New York in honor of the English king’s brother, the Duke of York (Duke of York), initiated the capture of the city.


3. Manhattan (Manhattan)

The population of New York is more than 8.4 million people. The densely Most Populated area of the City (Manhattan) is Located on the Same Island, 21 Kilometers Long. In 1626, Manhattan was purchased by the Dutch explorer Peter Minuitom tribe of Indians for $ 24.Now the Island is worth $ 50 About billion.


4. Most of the island, except for the southern part of the historic, built up on a rectangular plan. 16 streets parallel to the Hudson, are called “Avenue” and 155 Cross-digit numbered and Called “Street”. The exception is Broadway: it crosses Almost All of Manhattan diagonally. Between the 5th and 8th Avenue (from 59th to 110th Street) has Been Allocated A PLACE to Central Park.


5. Skyscrapers are the basis of modern architecture in New York.

During the first 200 years of New York Followed in Europe architectural Styles. Now in Manhattan did not Survive A Single Building of the Dutch Colonial period. Most died in the Great Fire of 1776, or Were demolished at the Beginning of the XIX century. During working XVIII and XIX the Centuries. Main architectural direction tracked European trends. But with the Emergence of cast iron, and with the Advent of Art Deco Skyscrapers, New York-based architecture has gone ITS own way.


6. The development of high-rise construction contributed to closure of the territory, the high price of land, as well as the presence of strong rock.

The history of skyscrapers in New York began with the construction of a building New York World Building in 1890 (demolished in 1955). It WAS the first Building That overcomes the height of 85 meter Trinity Church. Since 1890, 11 skyscrapers of the city bore the title of the Tallest Building in the World. In New York, WAS A very early boom in High-rise Construction, the first Wave of Which Began in 1910 and Lasted until the Beginning of the 1930s. The Second Wave of High-rise Construction began in 1960 and continues to this day.


7. The Statue of Liberty (Statue of Liberty)

One of the Most Famous sculptures in the USA and in the World, Often Referred to as A “symbol of New York City and the United States”, “symbol of freedom and democracy,” “Lady Liberty”. It is A gift of the French people to the centenary of the American Revolution in 1886. Statue Located on the Same Island, Three Kilometers from Manhattan.


8. The Goddess of Liberty holding A Torch in her right Hand and left the tablet. The inscription on the tablet reads “Eng. MDCCLXXVI JULY IV “(July 4, 1776), this date is the day of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Height from the ground to the tip of the torch – 93 meters, Including the Base and pedestal.The height of the statue from the top of the pedestal to Torch – 46 meters.


9. Ellis Island (Ellis Island)

Located in the bay of New York, the WAS Largest Point of the Immigrants in the United States. From 1892 to 1954 he passed through the 12 million people. Approximately One in two Americans now has in His Family tree at Least One person WHO WAS in the United States through the island.


10. Lower Manhattan (Lower Manhattan)

Battery Park (Battery Park) – One of the Oldest Recreational Areas in New York. Ferries to the Island of Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The park’s name comes from is here in the XVII century Dutch gun battery Which guarded the Approaches from the Ocean to the City. Since then, the coastline has changed as A result of Excavation Went Further out to sea. After the Destruction of World Trade Center Skyscrapers September 11, 2001 have been gathered here wreckage of buildings, which increased the area of the park on 2 acres.


11. This is the oldest part of the city, from here up modern-day New York.


12. 1 World Trade Center (1 World Trade Center) and the National Memorial and Museum “September 11» (National September 11 Memorial & Museum)


13. At this Point, before the Twin Towers Stood. Now this Memorial, Which Represents the two-Made Man Largest Waterfall in the United States. 76 bronze plates attached to the parapet pools, engraved with the names of victims of 2983. The museum itself “September 11” is located under the waterfalls, at a depth of about 21 meters under the ground.


14. The height of the new World Trade Center – 541 meters. This is the Third Highest Skyscraper in the World after the Burj Khalifa and Al Abraj Bait, and the Tallest Building in the Western Hemisphere.


15. The Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge)

One of the Oldest Suspension Bridges, with A length of 1,825 meters, it crosses the East River and Brooklyn Connects to Manhattan. At the time of completion in 1883 it was the largest suspension bridge in the world.


16. Manhattan Bridge (Manhattan Bridge)

Double-deck bridge was built in 1909. The Upper tier is the roadway for cars. On the Lower Level are from New York subway. Incidentally, in the New York subway Highest in the World.It Consists of 468 stations and carries about 8 million people a day.


17. Financial District (Financial District)

There are Dozens of Thousands of Jobs, Most of Which is Represented by the Major Banks and Exchanges. The region has the Highest population density in the daytime it Reaches 378,000 people. / Km.


18. Wall Street (Wall Street)

Considered the Historical center of the Financial District of the City. The main attraction of the Street – NYSE. In the figurative sense, so Called as the exchange itself, and the Entire US stock Market as A Whole.


19. 25% of the world’s supply of gold in the vaults of the Federal Reserve Bank on Wall Street.


20. Rowe Park (Park Row Building)

30-story skyscraper height of 119 m from the date of completion of construction in 1899, the Tallest Building WAS in the World for nine years. In the Construction of the Building WAS USED completely bearing steel skeleton, the Invention of the Chicago School of High -rise buildings. It is noteworthy That the Park Row One has only decorated Facade facing at City Hall Park. Other Walls of the Building are decorated with simple Brickwork.


21. Woolworth Building (Woolworth Building)

Skyscraper in the Gothic Revival style, built in 1910-1913 gg., As the headquarters of the retail chain Woolworth Company, was the tallest building in the world as much as 17 years.100 years after the construction it is still included in the list of the 50 highest skyscrapers US – its height is 241 meters (57 Floors). Woolworth Building designed by Architect WAS Cass Gilbert. Construction at A cost of 13.5 million dollars, and Woolworth paid this amount in Cash.


22. External Decoration towers Were Made of terracotta architectural Limestone Panels.Columns go Straight to the top of the pyramid and the Building Gives ITS “honesty”, so New Yorkers jokingly Building Called the “hubris of New York.”


23. Civic Center (Civic Center)


24. Manhattan Municipal Building (Manhattan Municipal Building)

In 1898, after the Unification of the five cities New York lacked Areas for the Government. In 1909 it WAS Decided to begin Construction of Manhattan Myunisipel Building, Which WAS supposed to Solve this problem. Three years later, 177-meter 40-story building WAS and WAS Ready the first Skyscraper in the basis of Which Metro Station. The Building Served as A Prototype for the Stalinist Skyscrapers in Moscow (Especially Evident in Moscow State University and in High-rise on Kotelniki)


25. Union Square (Union Square)

Since the 19th century, there are a variety of protests and demonstrations, including demonstrations for the return of the Dalai Lama to China, for the liberation of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and for the creation of an independent Palestinian state.


26. Madison Square (Madison Square) – the area at the intersection of two streets: Broadway and Fifth Avenue.

From 1876 to 1882 the park WAS A huge Hand in the Statue of Liberty holding A Torch – so the townspeople Were Asked to collect Money to Build A pedestal for the statue. In 1912, there lit illumination on the first in New York City public Christmas tree. In the park there is A monument to William Henry Seward. As US Secretary of State, Seward did everything to Transaction of Alaska from Russia took PLACE. He Said That only the next Generation Understand the Importance of this Acquisition. And so it WAS , when in Alaska found the gold, copper and oil.


27. The Flatiron Building (Flatiron Building)

One of the Most unusual Skyscrapers of New York. Construction of the 82-meter building was completed in 1902. Name Flatiron, translated as iron – Building Received Due to ITS triangular Shape, really reminiscent of iron.


28. When A considerable height, he Gives the impression of “not too STABLE.” It is so New Yorkers Thought watching the Erection of the Building: the townspeople Believed That certainly Gale Tumble down the structure, and bettors – how far Will scatter in this Case the Debris. Men of New York A feature Noticed That When the North wind, Which is Building “cut” Tip Flows condescended on the Walls and Hitting the pavement, That Formed vortices Bullied Ladies Skirts above Their heads. This feature is Gathered around the building, dozens of men, which every now and then dispersed by police.


29. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower (Metropolitan Life Tower)

One of the most beautiful “Gothic” skyscrapers of New York. 50-story tower built in 1909 in the image of St. Mark’s Campanile in Venice. Each Side of the Building is decorated with 8-meter clock with 500-kilogram minute hands.

Behind the tower stands Metropolitan Life North Building (Metropolitan Life North Building). This Massive Building is designed in the 20s of the Last century as A 100-Story Skyscraper. If the project WAS Implemented in ITS original form, then at some time in the Building Would be the Highest in the World. HOWEVER, with the stock Market crash Landslide Falling shares in 1929 and the subsequent period of the Great Depression was not allowed to carry out this plan – skyscraper construction was suspended in 1933, at 29 floors.


30. Washington Square Park (Washington Square Park)

Once it WAS the cemetery for slaves and Victims of Yellow Fever. Deep Beneath the park lies About 20 Thousand people to this day. Now, HOWEVER, this park is popular A Holiday Destination. In 1889, in honor of the centenary of the inauguration of the first US president George Washington in the park erected a memorial arch made ​​of wood and gypsum, and already in 1892 the arch Built of Marble. From the park Begins Fifth Avenue – Central Avenue in Manhattan, shares His Street on the western and eastern Sides .


31. Midtown (Midtown)


32. Empire State Building (Empire State Building)

The Most Famous Skyscraper in New York. From 1931 to 1970, the Empire State Building WAS the Tallest in the World. This is the first Building in the World, with more than 100 Floors.His height – 381 meters, and with a television antenna , overbuilt in the 50s, it reaches a height of 443 meters.


33. It is hard to believe, but the 102-story Empire State Building was built in just 13 months!

Construction began in March 1930. Earlier in the PLACE WAS Which set aside for the Empire State Building, the Hotel Waldorf Astoria is Located (Waldorf – Astoria). In November 1929 the hotel building was demolished and the site was taken with more than 16 thousand Trucks Debris. Laid the Foundation of the future Skyscraper in less than A month, and in April 1930, Began work on the Construction of A steel frame Building. Each week, the Empire State Building Became an average of 4 floors above, and in one of the peak moments of the building became higher by as much as 14 and a half floors in just 10 days! The Official Opening took PLACE on May 1, 1931, when US President Herbert Hoover turned on the lights of the building by pressing the button in Washington.


34. The observation deck on the 86 Floor of the Building annually visited by Three and half million people A, Which is an Important source of income DURING the Great Depression, When the WAS nicknamed Empty Building (IE empty) State Building. Skyscraper did not return the cost of its construction until 1948.


35. Proof of structural strength of the building is the fact that when the July 28, 1945 twin-engine bomber USAF B-25, piloted in thick fog, crashed into a building at a height of 79 floors, damaged buildings were limited to exterior Walls and the Fire Inside. The Consequences Were eliminated rather Quickly, is despite the FACT That One of the engines of the Aircraft Flew through the Whole Building. Then Killed 14 people. Betty Lou Oliver Lifter Survived in the Incident after the Fall of the elevator from the height of 75 floors – this achievement got into the Guinness Book.


36. At the Beginning of the operation of ITS Building Spire Intended to use as A mooring mast for dirigibles. HOWEVER, the idea of the Air terminal WAS Declared bankrupt for Security Reasons (strong and unstable Air Flow at the top of the Building did berthing very complex, and after the first Attempt, it Became clear That this idea is Utopian). None Zeppelin never approached the Building.

In 1964 the tower WAS installed floodlighting to illuminate the Tip in the colors Corresponding to Any events, dates and Memorable Holidays. Since then, the lights of the Building Becomes A Unique spectacle: every day of the week has ITS own color, and on Public holidays and important dates skyscraper illuminated by special color combinations.


37. The Observation deck of the Empire State Building, Located on the 86th Floor, is One of the Most popular viewing Areas in the World. All it has visited more than 110 million people.

It is worth noting that for all time use of the building there were more than 30 Suicides. In 1947, around the Observation Site WAS erected the fence, just as Three weeks here Were Committed Suicide Attempts five. In 1979, Miss Elvita Adams decided to Settle Accounts with Life and jumped from the 86th Floor. But the wind Threw Miss Adams on the 85th Floor, and She ESCAPED with only A Hip broken.


38. Neighborhood Bryant Park (Bryant Park)


39. The New York Public Library (The New York Public Library)

One of the Largest in the World libraries. In total Funds of libraries Contain more than 50 million items (books, videos, maps, etc.), of which more than 20 million account for the book.


40. Radiator Building (American Radiator Building)

The skyscraper was built in 1924. Then, to make the spectacular Facade, brick exterior Walls before laying DIPPED in manganese to Those Darkened. Now the Hotel is Located in the Building of Bryant Park.


41. Bank of America Tower (Bank of America)

This is the third tallest building in New York after the Empire State Building and the Freedom Tower and the fifth tallest in the United States – 366 meters.


42. MetLife Building (MetLife Building, until 1981 Pan Am Building)

Until 1981 the Building WAS Located manage Airline Pan American World Airways. Since 1981, the Metropolitan Life Building Bought Insurance Company, in connection with Which ITS changed name. The Building is Located Under the platform of the Central Station, New York (Grand Central Terminal ). ACCORDING to the number of Platforms (44) and means (67) exceeds that of any other station world


43. Midtown East




45. Chrysler Building (Chrysler Building)

One of the Best Known and Most recognizable Skyscraper in New York. Unusual as the appearance of the 77-story building and the history of its construction.


46. ​​The building was constructed in 1930 at a rate of 4 floors per week, in fact, a race with another skyscraper located in Lower Manhattan, at 40 Wall Street, Today Known as the Trump Building. COMPETED Has Architects for the title of the creators of the world’s tallest building and make design changes directly in the construction process.

At the last moment the architect William Van Allen agreed with the City of placement on the roof of a 38-meter steel spire and kept this fact a secret until the very end of the building and to the installation of the spire on the roof of a Skyscraper. The visible Part of the Spire of the Chrysler Building WAS installed in just 90 minutes. William Van Allen Won THUS the title of Architect of the Tallest Building in the World, But Kept His Entire 11 months – until May 1, 1931, when completed construction of a skyscraper Empire State Building.


47. The Chrysler Building is an Art Deco example of architecture. ornamentation repeats tower design motifs caps Disk Wheel car Brand “Chrysler” at the time. Corners of the 61st Floor is decorated with Eagles – They Were portrayed on the hood of the car Chrysler in 1929.

In 2007, the Commission for Architecture in New York identified skyscraper “Chrysler” “The most beautiful skyscraper in Manhattan”


48. Bright shiny quarters – is the “heart of Manhattan”


49. Times Square (Times Square)

One of the Most popular and frequently visited places in New York. The area Got ITS name in April 1904 after the newspaper “New York Times” moved its headquarters to the eve of the building constructed Times Building, which is now called One Times Square and is the site of the annual ball drop on New Year’s Eve.


50. Broadway Theaters, A lot of bright neon signs and pointers in television style Made A Times Square One of the essential characters Turbulent Life of New York. This is the only area of the City, WHERE ITS Inhabitants are obliged to Expose bright billboards.


51. The area has the nickname “the crossroads of the world”, “Great White Way”, is an iconic landmark of the world, a symbol of New York City and the United States.


52. Times Square is visited annually by more than 39 million tourists and 300 thousand.People daily.


53. Madison Square Garden (Madison Square Garden)

Venue of international Competitions in Several Sports and the Home arena for the NBA and NHL teams. The capacity of the arena Varies depending on the type of Event: from 18,200 seats to 20,000 hockey games and concerts DURING places. Under the stadium is Penn Station ( Pennsylvania Station), colloquially Penn Station (Penn Station) – one of the busiest railway stations in the world.


54. The New Yorker Hotel (New Yorker Hotel)

Throughout the 1940s and 1950s. WAS the Hotel One of the Most Fashionable. Many Notable Personalities such as Spencer Tracy, Joan Crawford and Fidel Castro Stayed here. Inventor Nikola Tesla spent the Last Ten years of His Life in seclusion suite in 3327, where he died, mainly devoting their time feeding pigeons and occasionally met with celebrities.




56. Rockefeller Center (Rockefeller Center)

Major office center, which was built in 1930 on the Money of the Rockefeller Family. Was named in Honor of John D. Rockefeller, Jr .. The Best Known are 14 High-rise buildings for sale in the Art Deco style. Here are the Various headquarters of Corporations and the yield Largest Auction House “Christie”. In 1989, Rockefeller Center Rockefeller bought out the Japanese group companies Mitsubishi.


57. In the center of the complex is the playground Lower Plaza, where every Christmas tree set the main city.


58. Building General Electric Building

70-story skyscraper located in the center of the complex, previously known as the RCA Building, but is commonly known as 30 Rock. The Building housed the headquarters of NBC, starring Numerous TV series and transfer. For Tourists are there to help you Tours get behind the scenes of the most famous TV shows and TV series NBC.


59. At the top of A Skyscraper is an Observation platform, Called Top of the Rock. She concedes Observation platform height of the Empire State Building, But many Believe That with the Top of the Rock Offers the Best Panoramic views of New York.


60. St. Patrick’s Cathedral (St. Patrick’s Cathedral) – the largest built in the neo-Gothic Catholic Church USA.


61. Traffic on Sixth Avenue


62. Citigroup Center (Citigroup Center, formerly Citicorp Center)

An interesting feature – Under the right is Building A Small Lutheran church. Out of Respect to the cathedral and ITS parishioners Architects demolished it, and Went on A Remarkable Step – A Building Built on A large Stand as upright. Get enough original Community: A Small cathedral, and above it, on High poles – Skyscraper giant. It is noteworthy That the Supports are not in the Corners and in the middle of each of the Edge Side Building. In 2002, one of the columns has been strengthened resistant shields made of steel and copper, for the protection of the building due to the possibility of a terrorist attack.


63. Lipstick Building (Lipstick Building)

The color and shape of the 34-storey residential tower is so like the lipstick that he was immediately nicknamed the Lipstick Building – House lipstick.


64. Hotel “Waldorf Astoria» (Waldorf Astoria)

The original hotel under this name was opened at the end of the XIX century and demolished in 1929, and in ITS PLACE WAS Built the Empire State Building. Construction of the Waldorf-Astoria Modern in height and 47 floors with a capacity of more than 1.4 thousand. Room was completed in 1931. The Marilyn Monroe Hotel Stayed Ella Fitzgerald and, here WAS filmed the Movie “Scent of A Woman” for the main role in Al Pacino Which Received the “Oscar” in 1993.


65. 432 Park Avenue

Unfinished highest residential skyscraper in the world (not yet completed construction of 117-Storey “One World” in Mumbai (India)). The Building has 96 floors, 426 meters, it will be located 104 apartments cost from 7 to 95 million dollars.


66. The 75-storey skyscraper One 57




68. Grand Army Plaza (Grand Army Plaza)

The area is Located at the intersection of Fifth Avenue and 53rd Street. Right in the photo is the Building of A five star Hotel “Plaza” (Plaza Hotel). The Hotel has Been involved in the shooting of Various films, such as “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. ” In February 1964, in the “Plaza” stop band “The Beatles” during his first visit to New York.


69. Midtown West


70. Columbus Circle (Columbus Circle)

Area to the south-West corner of Central Park, at the intersection of Broadway and Eighth Avenue. In the center of the Square stands the monument to Columbus. This monument erected in 1892 WAS in celebration of the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America. For New York City is a kind of zero kilometer.


71. Central Park (Central Park) – a green oasis, located between the densely built neighborhoods.

The length of the park – about 4 km, width – about 800 meters, the total area – 3.41 sq km.For comparison – this is Almost Twice the area of the State of Monaco.


72. Sheep Meadow (Sheep Meadow)

The park is visited by approximately 25 million people a year, making it the most visited park in the United States.


73. The creation of the park landscape Architect Frederick Law Olmsted Engaged. Work did not stop even DURING the American Civil War and WAS Fully completed in 1873.


74. Bridge Bow (Bow Bridge)

That is despite the FACT the park looks very Natural, Almost All the Landscapes Created by Hand. Central Park has Several artificial Lakes, A large number of Alleys, two Ice rink, the Corners of Pristine Wilderness and lawns That are USED for A Variety of Sports , as well as children’s playgrounds and a zoo.


75. Reservoir behalf of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir)


76. “Dakota» (The Dakota)

Built in 1880-1884 years, this Building from the Beginning WAS the Dwelling House “premium.” The Greatest fame Acquired When it December 8, 1980 in the arch of the house fan Mark Chapman shot immigrated to the US cult British musician John Lennon. Now, to buy an apartment in “Dakota”, you need to enlist the support of residents’ committees, which not so long ago denied Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, hope to buy apartments here.


77. In the Streets around Central Park, the Most expensive House in New York. Some apartments are worth 20-30 million dollars with the purchase are not so simple. Even if the free Market Will be flat, not the FACT That local Councils Conservative residents approve your candidacy.


78. San Remo (San Remo)

In this House lived in Different Times by many celebrities – Steven Spielberg, Tiger Woods, Dustin Hoffman, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. From 1982 to 2003, in the north tower apartment buildings were owned by Steve Jobs, who later sold it to Bono – soloist U2 – for $ 15 million.


79. Queensboro Bridge (Queensboro Bridge)

Duplex cantilever bridge built in 1909 across the East River. At the top tier of ITS are two pedestrian walkways, Bike path and two ways of Railway. The Lower Level has four A-Lane traffic. Near the Bridge Roosevelt Island Tramway passes – cableway Stretched over the East River, connecting Roosevelt Island and Manhattan.


80. United Nations Headquarters (Headquarters of the United Nations)

United Nations (UN) – an international Organization of States, in order to Created Maintain and Promote peace, Security and Cooperation Between the development two Countries. At the United Nations Currently has 193 States (including the Russian Federation).




82. The aircraft carrier “Intrepid» (USS Intrepid)

US Aircraft carrier of the “Essex” since World War II. The name of the Aircraft carrier is translated into Russian as “Fearless.” The ship is moored to the pier 86 in New York and since 1982 is the naval and aerospace museum, which is visited by thousands of tourists a year.


83. The museum’s collection includes artifacts such as the Concorde supersonic passenger aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft Lockheed A-12, the spacecraft NASA space shuttle “Enterprise”, the submarine USS Growler, and more.


84. Chelsea Piers (Chelsea Piers).

Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912, had come to the pier 59 (rightmost). In the Evening, April 18, 1912 it CAME to this pier with Carpathia Rescued Titanic’s passengers and Unloaded lifeboats Picked up in the Ocean. And then She moored to its 54-pier to release the people on the shore.


85. The Verrazano-Narrows Bridge (Verrazano-Narrows Bridge)

One of the World’s Largest Suspension Bridges Connecting the Areas of New York Brooklyn and Staten Island. The length of the central span of the Bridge is 1.3 km away. The Bridge WAS Built in 1964 and named after the Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano, the first European who came into New York Bay and the Hudson River.


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