Brilliant Photographs From the Brightest Soviet Photomasters

Do you want to travel back in time to remember the rhythm of life of the Soviet era ,see the best works of Soviet photographers?

See a selection of stunning Soviet cadres, The project Center of Photography Lumiere brothers’ Anthology photos XX century. “

1. “The competition of hairdressers in Moscow.” 1975. Photo: Igor Gavrilov

2. “In the arena of Yuri Nikulin.” Moscow. Circus Tsv.Bulvare, 1974. Photo: Alexander Abaza

3. “Crew”. Moscow, 1980. Photo by: Yury Abramochkin

4. From the series “The thoughts and heart. Nikolai Amosov surgeon operates. ” 1975.Photo: Max Alpert

5. From the series “Kiev ballet school number 6″, 1970. Photo: Vitaly Arutyunov

6. “Nevsky Prospect.” 1968. Photo: Yuri Belinsky

7. “It’s not my damn business.” 1965. Photo by Vladimir Bogdanov

8. “Youth wins.” Moscow, 1963. Photo: Anatoly Boldin

9. “Sports ornament.” 1959. Photo: Lev Borodulin

10.  “According to the eternal ice”, in 1975. Photo by Alexey Vasilyev

11. From the series “The Birth of man.” 1970. Photo: Sergei Vasiliev

12. “Two”, 1965. Photo: Alexander Vihansky

13. “I have so much character.” 1969. Photo: Dmitry Sviridov Exaltation and Nina

14. “Soldier”, 1973. Photo: Vladimir Vyatkin

15. “Sunday”. 1965. Photo: Igor Gnevashev

16. “Swing”, in 1977. Photo: Michael Golosovskiy

17. “Odessa. Stairs. ” 1969. Photo: Frederick Greenberg

18. Eruption Tolbachik. 1975. Photo: Vadim Gippenreiter

19. Pushkin Square, Moscow, 1940. Photo: Naum Granovsky

20. “Morning on the beach.” Bashkiria. 1978. Photo: Alexander Graschenkov

21. “Shadows of life.” 1970. Photo: Michael Dashevskii

22. “Bread was brought.” 1960. Photo: Gregory Dubinsky

23. “Antiworlds. Andrei Voznesensky. ” 1960. Photo: Yuri Ivanov

24. Fire in Moscow. 1960. Photo: Vladislav Kivrin

25. “Speaking from the heart. Mikhalkov and D. Olbrychski. ” 1970. Photo: Kmit

26. “Flight Attendants.” 1970. Photo: Andrey Knyazev

27. “On May Day parade. Ice cream. ” 1950. Photo by: Yury Krivonosov

28. “Anxiety in position 3UR.” 1970. Photo: Basil Kunjaev

29. Spill. Photo: Vladimir Lagrange

30. “Strokes of childhood.” 1957. Photo: Leonid Lazarev


31. L. Belousova and Oleg Protopopov. 1965. Photo: Sergey Lidov


32. Arkhangelsk. 1972. Photo: Galina Lukyanov

33. “Winter”. 1965. Photo by: Yury Lunkov


34. “The rhythm of work”. 1960. Photo: Nicholas Matorin

35. “Morning for my girls.” 1975. Photo: Wilhelm Mikhailovsky

36. “Silhouette”. 1960. Photo: Miroslav Murazov

37. “The March sun.” 1962. Photo: Gregory Mkhitaryan

38. Parade on Red Square. 1970. Photo: Alexander Nagralyan

39. “Rural School.” 1970. Photo: Vadim Opalin

40. “Loss”. 1964. Photo: Edward Pesov

41. “Three vest” in 1968. Photo: Sergey Petruhin

42. Vladimir Vysotsky. 1975. Photo: Valery Plotnikov

43. “TV Personalities”. 1960. Photo: Leo Porter

44. Valery Brumel record jump. 1963. Photo: Alexander Ptitsyn

45. Alexei Leonov, commander of the crew of the spaceship Soyuz-14. 1973. Photo: Albert Pushkarev

46. New “The Cossacks.” 1960. Photo: Nikolai Rakhmanov

47. Attendant. Kirovsk. Arctic. 1950. Photo: Ryumkin

48. The ashes. Zhizdra city. Cat with a shot through the ear. 1943. Photo: Mikhail Savin

49. At the exhibition. Girl with bag. 1960. Photo: Nikolai Tokarev

50. Mysterious Asia. Mongolia. 1973. Photo by: Yury Trankvillitskiy

51. Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow streets. 1957. Photo: Michael Trahman

52. “Swans”. Artist of the Bolshoi theater in the cafeteria of the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. 1963. Photo: Eugene Umnov

53. “Trains going to the front.” Dancing V.Kochetkov Red Army. 1941. Photo: Alexander Ustinov

54. “Block.” 1970. Photo: Utkin

55. Torpedo. (Victor Cherokee). Baltic Fleet. 1936. Photo: Jacob Khalip

56. “Dogulyalsya.” 1960. Photo: Nicholas cornet

57. “The orange sun.” 1960. Photo: Anatoly Khrupov

58. “The Road”, 1975. Photo: Gunnar Bindé

59. “Elegy” in 1970. Photo: Valdis Brauns

60. “Surprised Eugene Morgunova” 1970. Photo: Vasiliy Egorov

61. “The Rooks Have Arrived”, 1964. Photo: Mykola Gnisyuk

62. “Who will be the new owner of the dating service?” 1970. Photo: Boris Kaufman

63. “I spit on Malthus’ 1960. Photo: Victor Akhlomov

64. “Dream”. 1950. Photo: Nicholas Drachinsky

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