Jaboticaba – A Wonderful Tree

An unusual tree called Jaboticaba, on which fruit grow directly on the trunk.

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1. The plant is also known as Brazilian grape tree. It grows in Portugal, Argentina and, mostly, as is obvious from the title in Brazil. The juicy purple fruit can break and eat straight from the tree.

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You will need patience if you want to get one of these trees in their area. It grows 100 years, but when it reaches maturity, it is worth the effort. It is proved that the plant is well adapted. A better medium for it is moisture and slightly acidic soil, but it would be nice to grow even in alkaline soil type.

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Twice a year the tree flowers appear. They look like little strange alien creatures, nestled in the branches and trunk. The peculiarity of the appearance of colors directly on the trunk or stem of the plant instead of growing new shoots called “kaulifloriya.”

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If the plant gets enough water, it blossoms and bears fruit all year round. The size of the fetus of about 4 cm in diameter. The fruit contains up to 4 large seeds. Besides the fact that the grapes themselves are eaten, their skins in dried form is used to treat asthma and diarrhea.

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