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Protests break out in cities across Pakistan against a US

1. Clashes broke out in cities across Pakistan at rallies denouncing a US-made film that has fanned global Muslim anger.

2. Police vehicles burn after they were set on fire by a mob during a protest in Karachi

3. Demonstrators attack a cinema which had been set alight during a protest in Karachi

4. Crowds take part in a protest rally in Karachi

5. A motorcyclist carrying a Pakistani flag rides along a deserted road in Karachi as Pakistan observes a public holiday

6. A demonstrator creates a roadblock out of burning tyres during a protest against an anti-Islam film in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

7. Children cheer in front of burning tyres as they block a main highway in Rawalpindi

8. Protesters shout anti-US slogans at a rally in Rawalpindi

9. Riot police baton-charge a protester in Peshawar

10. Flames rise from vehicles which were set on fire by a mob outside office of the Peshawar Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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