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Hummingbird Beautiful Close-UP (9)

Hummingbird Beautiful Close-UP – Chris Morgan

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Lift for Cyclists In Norway (6)

Lift for Cyclists In Norway – Unique Lift For BiCycles

The Norwegian Trondheim have lots of hills and a lot of cyclists too. For older fans of bike it was easier to climb the hill, so big interesting thing is they came up with the original lift.

Drive up to it and put your foot on the pedal, and it smoothly pulls you up. As soon as you remove the leg, the emphasis is hidden under the ground. Length of lift – 130 meters. The angle of inclination of – 10 ° to 18 °. Most recently, It was free, and the young mothers with prams and local children also began to use. Interesting isn’t? Continue reading

Most Unique Calendar Of Flexible Girl In The World (11)

Most Unique Calendar Of Flexible Girl In The World

Julia Gyuntel, also known as the Golden, published the original calendar, which once again proves that she is still the most flexible woman on the planet.

You may have seen some pictures of Julia Gyuntel on the pages of our magazine. Recall that the Russian who now lives in Germany, is the owner of the world record, which is officially registered in the Guinness Book of Records. The girl managed to bend back as much as three to burst balloons for some twelve seconds! Photoshoot and calendar itself called “Requires the Secretary. Preferred flexibility. “
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The British - The World Championship Throwing Eggs (1)

British – The World Championship Throwing Eggs

It is believed that throwing eggs, as a sport, has appeared in 1322, when it is ordered by royal.. They say that he was the only one who had chickens, and he touted his parishioners that gave each an egg for each campaign in the church. However, when the river overflowed its banks Eau, people could not get into the church, and the monks began to throw eggs waited their peasants. They also say that when the flood intensified, the monks had to use small “catapult” to cover such a long distance. It is from this tradition went to throw eggs, which in Britain is remembered, check out the pictures…

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Some Weird Phobias You May Have ??? (25)

Some Weird Phobias You May Have ???

Hard to imagine a man who never afraid of nothing. But if most people usually fear of physical injury, disease, dangerous animals, loneliness, death, and other things, some strange individuals shocked by quite harmless and trivial things. These people seem crazy and sometimes even pretenders, but they are seriously affected by their phobias.
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