The Future of Car Tires

Best tires for cars of the future were selected recently on one of profile contests. Among the criteria used to assess the proposed concept was continuity, efficiency in production and safe disposal.

Today, almost every day there are car concepts, but road tires while most designers do not pay enough attention. Change this “injustice” decided Korean tire manufacturer Hankook, organizing students competition Hankook Tyre Design Challenge . The competition, which is held every two years, students from international universities provide a concept tire that could find application in the futuristic vehicles. In this case, necessarily considered factors such as reducing the number used for the production of raw materials, increase efficiency, recycling opportunities. In 2014, Hankook competition held in conjunction with the University of design, engineering and business in Pforzheim (Germany). The winners were recently announced at the Essen Motor Show.

1st prize – the “Dakar” Samir Sadikova


This concept is designed for use in endurance racing in the style of “Paris-Dakar”, during which vehicles travel not only on the highway, but on the road. Instead of using the tread, consisting of a single piece of rubber, the tire is a hexagonal interlocking separate blocks, each of which is sealed and air is pumped own.


When driving on the road all the blocks tightly pressed against each other, creating a smooth tread with low rolling resistance. Once the car goes off the road blocks apart (although exactly how they do it, is not specified). This creates a grooved tread with greater resistance to rolling, but with better traction. If any of the blocks to be punctured, it can be replaced in the field without replacement of the entire tire.

2nd place – “Vent-bus” Andreas Hartl


In order to minimize chances of hydroplaning on the wet road has been coined a tread which is divided original horizontal blade rubber.


The basic idea is that when the wheel rotates, these vanes allow the wheel to operate as a turbine, drawing water into the channels inside the tire and then splashing her hand.

3rd place – “Concept Winter” Lucia Lee


Not very different from the concept of Dakar, this tire also composed of separate sections which are flush with one another for ordinary use, and if necessary, to the sides for additional traction. In this case, the tire is designed specifically to vehicle drove through the snow.


When the hinge portions 14 with polyurethane tires apart, the circumference of the wheels also increases. This raises the car up, thus making it more clearance and reducing the chances that the car will stick in the snow. It is worth noting that a number of concepts tires already found their actual implementation. For example, in one of the previous reviews we talked about ATV on airless tire , which is not even afraid of bullets.

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