“The Sound of Light” Fireworks, As You Have Not Seen…

David Johnson – an amateur photographer from Ottawa, Canada. Earlier this month he visited the show “The Sound of Light” at Leamy Lake, where he made a series of incredibly amazing and unique photos of fireworks.

1. Here’s what Johnson says about himself: “When I see the fireworks soars into the sky, I press the shutter button in the” Bulb “or” BULB “, so that the exposure will be exactly the way it is necessary.” (David Johnson)


 3. “When the fireworks start to fly apart, opening on all sides, I quickly translate the camera’s focus back to the fireworks. Thanks to this switch of focus I get such a unusual forms of fireworks in the photo. ”

   4. Johnson use a tripod and the following settings are 50mm 1.4 on 5D MKII; Aperture 2.8 with natural density filter 0.9; ISO 100.