Top 10 Most Popular in the World of Spices

In the process of turning raw products into finished – either cold or hot – food a major role is played by spices. Spices are only designed for you to change the taste of the dish. They make food or saline only or only a sweet, acidic, spicy. Without spices can be no cooking. Let’s learn about the top ten most popular spices.

1. The first place. Basil.

The most popular spices in the world is considered basil. In cooking, it is used both fresh and dried. This seasoning is perfect as all meat and fish dishes, as well as almost all vegetables.Basil – one of the most versatile herbs. It can be used both separately and in conjunction with other herbs and spices, a member of the sauces and simply decorate dishes. Basil gives him food cooked with slightly sour sweet taste. It is ideally combined with cucumbers, rice and legumes. In the Middle Ages, basil mostly tucked almost all the dishes, which contains tomatoes and tomatoes. The use of basil widely. It is made from vinegar and wonderful to taste basil oil. Since the main value of the basilica – the smell – can not withstand the heat treatment, it is recommended to add it into finished or cold dishes for a few minutes until cooked – to hot.


2. The second place. Marjoram.

The second widely used spice oregano is considered. He also, like basil, goes well with meat and steamed vegetables. Marjoram as a seasoning used in cooking almost all meals. Dishes of peas, beans become with it tastier and better absorbed by the body. Formerly of marjoram produced wine. Is a component of spaghetti sauce and potatoes. It goes well in a spicy mixture of rosemary, thyme, tarragon and basil. It is used in pies, cheeses, mushroom dishes, fish dishes, poultry, salads, stuffings and hot snacks.


3. The third place. Cinnamon.

The third place of honor in this list is cinnamon. It is used in cooking in all the countries of the East. It is used for seasoning and curry flavored beer. The most widespread use – is the addition of cinnamon pastry. Also, cinnamon is added to hot chocolate and coffee. Pinch of grated chocolate and cinnamon will be a great addition to coffee. Cinnamon is used to flavor drinks, pickles, biscuits, muffins, sweet dishes from cottage cheese and fruit, is added to vegetable and fruit salads, in poultry dishes, pork and lamb.


4. The fourth place. Carnation.

Cloves in moderation is used for cooking meat, pickles, confectionery and wines. Cloves are added to meat dishes, rice, and include a variety of spicy mixture. It gives the savory pork, game birds and vegetables. In sweet dishes (compotes, puddings, pastries and other desserts) cloves used alone or mixed with cinnamon.


5. The fifth place. Mustard.

One of the most popular spices to sausages, grilled meat and eggs, of course, is the mustard.Especially this burning love dressing in Russia. Only one Russian mustard, there are several types and flavors. Also, it is added into all sorts of sauces, vegetable oil, salad and mayonnaise. There are also numerous recipes marinades, composed and whole seeds, and mustard powder. Mustard – good emulsifier which acts as a protective coating during thermal processing poultry, veal or even fish. It not only prevents leakage of meat juice, but also perfumes dish. Of mustard leaves can be cooked salads, stew and cook them.


6. Sixth place. Allspice.

In sixth place in our ranking is the most popular spices scented allspice. Often it is used instead of black pepper. It also perfectly complements the meat and fish dishes. Allspice added to various types of pickles and marinades, as well as used in preparation of liqueurs and confectionery.


7. Seventh place. Ginger.

The most important application of this fragrant spices – in the manufacture of sweets. Ginger is added to all meat and vegetable dishes in all, rice, desserts and egg dishes. Also, it is added to the beer and soft drinks. Japanese sushi is usually served with thinly sliced ​​ginger. Fresh ginger marinated and eaten raw. In recent years, ginger has become the most popular, since it is proved that it speeds up the body’s metabolism, and it is used worldwide as a component of many diets for weight loss.


8. Eighth place. Turmeric.

On the eighth place popular spices not only in the East, but also throughout Europe – turmeric.Turmeric goes well with egg dishes, cheeses, beans and fish dishes. It is used as a natural dye, added to various salads and rice dishes. Turmeric is also a part of the Indian curry. This seasoning gives the product freshness and makes them more resistant to storage. This spice is one of the favorite spices of the East.


9. The ninth place. Bay leaf.

This seasoning is used for pickling vegetables, clogging fat and meat cooked puddings and a variety of meat dishes. Bay leaves are added to almost all soups, sauces and vegetable dishes.Bay leaf is indispensable for making pickles, soups and jellied fish, sauces and soups, boiled meat.


10. Tenth place. Nutmeg.

In cooking, used as a nut itself, and its flowers. The most commonly used ground nut, it is added to vegetable and meat dishes. Also, it is used for the preparation of many confectionery, added to pasta and eggs. In some countries, they are seasoned with wine and beer. Flowers nut mainly added to seafood, sauces and some pastries.


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