Top Video of the Day – November 29, 2014

Star Wars VII – The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer!

Putting out music like this…That’s how you get new fan

Who wants the best gift ever from Santa Snoop? You lucky punk bitch, you.

90 seconds of joy – Children in Burundi opening donated shoeboxes filled with toys

Chop Suey cover on a Ukulele

Dat defensive stance

Local news crew happen to film a very frustrated guy who misses train by a few seconds

Plumber Caught Dancing when meant to be working


Franklin didn’t take being rejected by Trevor very well

The best reaction to the new Star Wars teaser that I’ve seen yet.

Absolutely brutal roundhouse in a kickboxing fight

Just another black friday at Tesco

Thanksgiving prank – Parents trick girl into thinking she cooked a pregnant turkey (it’s a Cornish hen stuffed inside)

Dog protecting a baby from the vacuum

Do you like Korean food? Have you heard of Seolleongtang?

This is why I watch hockey…possibly best goal of the season.

A whole lot of NOPE

This never fails to make me laugh

An Australian man gets stuck in the middle hailstorm. He’s hilarious

20yrs ago this week, one of the greatest high school football comebacks occurred.
The game’s commentary on its own is argubaly some of the best that you’ll ever hear.

Be careful what you post on Facebook, it might just end up in a murder trial.

When I hit a wall in game development and I get really bored.

Pigeon outsmarts a cat

Old classic – Father wakes up his kids with a chainsaw and mask the morning after they watched the texas chainsaw massacre

Crazy Gun Fight in the Streets of LA – Korean Merchants vs. Criminals (1992 LA Riots)

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