Under the Knife for the Love of Superman

35-year-old Filipino is already 16 years old, took plastic surgery to be like Superman.
Meet Herbert Chavez, working with a “living statue”, since 1995 periodically falls under the knife to become more popular like a comic hero. His house is in Kalamba Laguna (south of Manila) is practically littered with objects with the image of Superman – from T-shirts and bed sheets and pillows to the figures.
What appears here is not enough, because you will also find the figure of Spider-Man life-size, which “crawls” on the wall outside the house.

Superman character ascended to heaven, when the late actor Christopher Reeve donned his famous red and blue costume in a film in 1978, after which three sequels came out. In 2006, in the movie “Superman Returns” director Bryan Singer, and also  Brandon Ruth.
As a result of numerous operations Chávez face recalls combination of those two actors.

1173 under the knife for the love of Superman1. Herbert Chavez posing with the figures life-size Superman at his home in Laguna Kalamba. Chavez – the owner of two stores costumes, he made a series of plastic surgery on her nose, cheeks, lips and chin, and even changed the color to be like his hero – Superman. As a result, now his face is not like the fact that he had before.
2162 under the knife for the love of Superman2. In these photos you can see the changes after plastic surgery.
3142 under the knife for the love of Superman3. Herbert Chavez with the figures of Superman in full size.
4104 under the knife for the love of Superman4. Here is the room 35-year-old Chavez.
577 713x989 under the knife for the love of Superman5. Herbert Chavez with his photograph taken at age 16, before he began his trips to the plastic surgeon.
667 Under the knife for the love of Superman6. Herbert shows his catalog costume Superman in his own shop.
765 Under the knife for the love of Superman7. Herbert with his collection of shirts, some of which are made by him.
864 Under the knife for the love of Superman8. Herbert shows his collection of neighbor.
952 715x990 under the knife for the love of Superman9. Since 1995, Chavez has changed his chin,  put silicone and increased hip. Some of the experts suggested that Chávez’s is a patient of psychological disorder known as dysmorphic disorder corporal. “These people will not settle for just one operation, they will still think that something is wrong” – say the experts.
1052 755x990 under the knife for the love of Superman10. Chavez with neighborhood children, and statues of Superman in full size. In the background you can see the very figure of Spider-Man does not quite fit into the overall “supermensky ‘entourage.