Unique Tattoo Ideas that will Make you Love your Body More

From all around the web, we at Odd Stuff Magazine work hard to bring the most creative, unique and artistic things we have in our beautiful world. This selection of tattoos is not only different but these are unique, so unique that we have got loads of comments from tattoo lovers and haters about having tattoo.

But, we are not here to discuss that you should have a tattoo or not, we are here to see some unique tattoo ideas from around the world. Share this collection with your friends and family and I am sure you will find a perfect one for your own canvas.

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 unique tattoo ideas - Unique Tattoo Ideas 1 - a big whale and sailing boat
a big whale and sailing boat

 unique tattoo ideas - Unique Tattoo Ideas 2 - Done by Niki Norberg
Done by Niki Norberg [wicked tattoo Sweden]
 unique tattoo ideas - Side tattoo probably the best Ganesha tattoo
Side tattoo probably the best Ganesha tattoo by Sergio Sanchez
 unique tattoo ideas - Best portrait tattoo done by Aaron Peters
Fantastic portrait tattoo done by Aaron Peters from Bugaboo Tattoos
 unique tattoo ideas - Sleeve tattoo - Best use of colors in a tattoo
Sleeve tattoo – Best use of colors in a tattoo by Rom Azovsky
 unique tattoo ideas - Sleeve tattoo - Flower of life by Peter Madsen
Sleeve tattoo – Flower of life by Peter Madsen
 unique tattoo ideas - Pen tattoo on Ear by Geo Ruiz in Chicago
Pen tattoo on Ear by Geo Ruiz in Chicago
 unique tattoo ideas - After pregnancy tattoo on scar by David Allen (Photo by : BL/INK Photography)
After pregnancy tattoo on scar by David Allen (Photo by : BL/INK Photography)
 unique tattoo ideas - Pink Floyd sleeve by Kyle Dyhrberg of Sinatras Custom Tattos in Wellington, New Zealand.
Pink Floyd sleeve by Kyle Dyhrberg of Sinatras Custom Tattos in Wellington, New Zealand.
 unique tattoo ideas - zombie tattoo - Sweet! Nice and original
Zombie tattoo – Sweet! Nice and original
 unique tattoo ideas - A Fox, jaw and bone by Paolo Acuna of Divinity Tattoo, Scottsdale AZ
A Fox, jaw and bone by Paolo Acuna of Divinity Tattoo, Scottsdale AZ
 unique tattoo ideas - Stunning portrait by Roberto Da Silva, Germany
Stunning portrait by Roberto Da Silva, Germany
 unique tattoo ideas - Raven tattoo by Nick of Tattoo Lou's (Long Island, NY)
Raven tattoo by Nick of Tattoo Lou’s (Long Island, NY)
 unique tattoo ideas - Stag of the sun tattoo done on me by Peter Madsen at Meatshop Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark
Stag of the sun tattoo done on me by Peter Madsen at Meatshop Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark

 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 15

 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 16


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 17


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 18


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 19


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 20


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 21


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 22


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 23


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 24


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 25


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 26


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 27


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 28


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 29


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 30


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 31


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 32


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 33


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 34


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 35


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 36


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 37


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 38


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 39


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 40


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 41


 unique tattoo ideas - tattoo ideas 42

149 thoughts on “Unique Tattoo Ideas that will Make you Love your Body More”

  1. Where did you find tattoo number 13? I want to say it’s pattern making, they look like the edges of slopers and different measurements that go into pattern drafting. It’s really awesome looking, even if I’m miles off.

  2. Yeah, they should all get skull, dragon, and tribal tatoos like a NORMAL person.

    All that, “Imagery that’s meaningful to me” Bullshit is for hipster trash.

  3. For 5 years I wanted to get a the life hearts from Zelda as a tattoo. Now I have to think of something else.

  4. I love the light saber finger! I think I want to get that, except with a sonic screwdriver instead of a light saber.

  5. So I would say the only really attractive ones in my opinion are like natural ones, the tree, the jacolobe, the whales and such.

  6. I don’t understand why any girl would get a bicycle tattooed across her upper chest, but hey more power to her; but the pic directly beneath that one… HAWT

  7. Phil E. Drifter first thing that i thought maybe she is like a bike and gets ridden a lot???
    I think the best tat on this site is the tie fighter on the chicks shoulder soo hot

  8. I had to scroll up and read the title of this post again, hoping it’d say “Most Hideous Tattoos”

  9. Why are people so rude on here? damn. It’s not your tattoo so it doesn’t matter if you think its ugly, it’s really important to the person that owns that peice of art so chill out hoss.

  10. Sad part about tattoos is that the majority of people regret having gotten them later in life. Especially as they realize that the tattoo informs their very identity as it becomes ever more integrated into their ego. A process that impedes maturity and self realization. Hence the reason so many struggle to get them removed. Best Advice … Tattoo = bad idea. If you really like the art, put it on paper, hang it on the wall.

  11. If you don’t think you have balls enough to wear a tattoo, don’t get one, but don’t try to make excuses for yourself by knocking the fellow who does.
    -Sailor Jerry

    Just because some of you don’t ‘get it’ doesn’t mean you have to crap on the creative ideas these people decided to have put on their bodies.

    But then again HATERS GONNA HATE… it’s what you do…

  12. I’m all for freedom of expression, but godDAMN some of these are horrible. The kodamas were awesome.

  13. Mush you are an idiot. The sad part about leaving stupid uninformed comments on the internet is that the majority will regret leaving such an asinine comment later in life. Especially when they realize that they’re whole life has been knocking things they are too scared to try and don’t understand and it becomes ever more intergrated into thier ego. A process that impedes not being a douche and self realization that you’re a pathetic troll. Hence the reason that so many continue to live with thier heads up thier asses. Best Advice… Trolling= a pathetic piece of shit that’s probably jerking off as he reads,while pinching his nipples and squeling in the joy that he has annoyed someone. If you really want to be a fucktard at least wear some Ed Hardy.

    Ps. Whats with the highbrow bullshit “tattoo informs their very identity as it becomes ever more integrated into their ego. A process that impedes maturity and self realization. Hence the reason so many struggle to get them removed” You don’t sound smart you just sound like someone who realized english 101 is the farthest they’re gonna go in life

  14. hmm… some of these tattoos are really nice, while others are just bad. like the author didn’t really put in the effort of searching for more nice ones.

  15. Jeeez people! Why the hell do you care what someone else puts on their own body? It’s called freedom of expression. They don’t come over to your house and say that the posters or paintings on your walls are trash so why dis them for wearing theirs on their bodies! Only throw the first stone if you would actually be willing to go through the pain it takes (to get a tattoo) for what you put on your wall.

    I think that most of these tattoos are really pretty cool and to me it looks like most were well thought out and not the spontaneous drunken ones that some live to regret. In this day and age many people have tattoos and I seriously doubt that “most” of them will dislike them in the future. The way that tats and piercings are growing in popularity, in thirty or forty years they will probably be completely normal.

  16. Some of these were really neat. The _kodama_ from Princess Mononoke especially caught me by surprise. Awesome. :)

  17. yo man i see where you’re coming from but that’s a real ignorant comment. unless you’re being sarcastic… but basically what i have to say in response is that youre trying to group hipsterdom with originality, a common mistake for bro peices of shit like all of you dudes out there with a bunch of cliche tatoos that every single person ever already has.
    I don’t see why you see original ideas as being a bad thing, in fact youre singling yourself out as a conformist, probably meaning that you dont allow yourself to be free as a person, instead doing what you see other people do.
    so basically you need to stop following what you watch on the Real World (or whichever blandly repetitive, commercial ridden and predictable T.V. show on the major network of your choice) and trying to use it as real life knowledge.
    By the time you’re 40 or so and your parents stop giving you a 200 grand a year stipend you’ll realize that you just wasted your entire life doing what other people want you to do, instead of simply enjoying yourself, or maybe even coming up with a few ideas of your own. and THEN you’ll be fucked.
    You still have a few years left to realize the folly of your ways.
    until then, godspeed and fuck your mother for raising you as she did.

  18. Yeah… definitely sarcasm (-.-). If you read the comment above his, you would know this.

  19. I highly doubt that I myself will ever get a sizable tattoo like some of these, but more power to those who do. Some of these are freaking amazing, though I think some of them could stand to have a little more detail added.

  20. Yea it waz sarcastic,but they are lame azz tats that hipsters fags would get,like im sure miles daves has.He seems so passionate about how “you all will wake up and realize bla bla bla Q.Q” that it seems like he may have just turned 40 and he realizes that he sux.LOL hipster douch.

  21. i love anonymous comments! I think I saw one or two “creative” tattoos on here. Quite a few “clever” ones and a bunch of normal ones. This is why grammar and semantics are important on the internet. You say some shit and it’s not true and that’s just wrong even if there aren’t consequences. (other than the disdain of your peers) You should call it “Pics I stole from another site to try and boost my google adwords sales.” Great Post!

  22. Wow, Please, please, please find these people in twenty years and take pictures of their tats.
    Then post them to do a side by side. Like a before and after. That would be A W E S O M E!!!!!

  23. Regardless of the fact anyone may or may not respect the fact that these pieces of art are on the human body, some of the work is pretty impressive. Good shading and line work is hard enough to do on paper, but on flesh? I’m always curious to know the stories behind tats like these; more often than not, you’ll hear something interesting and relevant rather than “durr… it was spring break dude and all my friends were getting one too.”

  24. (Don’t know the name in engrishô ^^)But those are like blue prints for tailors =). Those blueprints usually have a lot of part one above each other and are a huge mess XD

  25. so i was reading through the comments, all like cool story. And then i get down to this little respectful comment of someones opinion, replied with a long-winded, butthurt, asinine reply. And while im never going to come back to this site, i just have to ask.

    Wat happened here?

  26. I love the StarGirl one, although I don’t think it was a good tattoo idea. Personally, anyway. My favorites were the whale and probably the elephant on that one girls hip.

  27. Xochi should take that stick outta his butt, then get a tattoo of a stick in his butt. It isn’t trolling when you just express an opinion. Actually I would call you the troll in this situation. At least Mush got to English 101. You can’t form an argument without cussing. Thanks for the laughs!

  28. Freedom of expression is a beautiful thing, but there is no need for all the negativity. Please realize that people will always put what they want on their bodies no matter what anyone thinks, and of course many will wonder what they were thinking. This world will never know complete peace until people can learn how to support rather than criticize.

  29. I don’t know anyone who’s regretted getting a tattoo, including people of all ages. Ok, that’s a lie, but no one should ever get the name of a person who’s a) not their own kid or b) still alive tattooed on them. Especially if you’re dating them.

    Bottom line, if you’re going to get tattooed, take time and plan it. The reason I don’t know (m)any people who regret their tattoos is because most of the untattooed people are scared that they will regret it, and the tattooed people know that they won’t.

    Anything you do, ink or otherwise, permanent or temporary, should be intentional and well thought out. Otherwise, you’re letting someone else live your life. Break the habit, find the crack and break the shell. Find the Black Iron Prison and perhaps misery won’t bring the regret and guilt that you have projected onto others. Live and choose.

  30. I would like to see a psychological study of what is wrong with peoples’ brains that makes them get retarded tattoos… Seriously, while some of these images are esthetically pleasing, they ALL LOOK STUPID AS HELL tattooed permanently on some young dumb money-wasting person’s skin. It MUST be some sort of mental deficiency.

  31. I’ve got this sweet invisible ink tattoo. cost me a fortune but it’s good work, and it does makes me super different then everyone else, and really isn’t that what tattoos are all about?

  32. I weep for the stupid broads who get stomach tats… post that after you get knocked up a couple times, now that will be art

  33. Hellow, my name is not Rose. I’m a fan a doctor who and tattoos, and I too support this idea. I was actually thinking of getting the sonic screwdriver someday! ^-^

  34. The guy with the dove from Converge’s “No Heroes” album on his chest is not an example of creativity.

  35. Most of those tattoos in this list are of some pop culture symbol which is reproduced millions of times all over the globe and you call that originality? There are less probably people with the common barbwire tattoo than there are pictures/magazines/games etc of the predator. Other than calling out the wrong guy for this rant )as everyone has already pointed out) you have tried to make a stand for being original with your tattoo choice in the worst fucking thread for it, truly. There are defiantly awesome and original but things like the power, play and pause symbols are defiantly a highly reproduced image.
    Dude, tattoos are cool, if I thought of something i liked enough to put it on my body til it either fades awkwardly or I die, I’d totally get a tattoo, but you shouldn’t just go around and try being the champion defender of tattoos. Just chill. Hipsters sometimes do have the dumbest tattoos in the world (like really dumb) but so do lot sof other groups. Chillax, how did less than one sentence spark you into this shit-flipping fest?
    Smoke a joint or something.

  36. Love the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke! :D

    … Maybe its not so much about individual originality but more about things we love. Either way it’s great! :)

  37. a girl i knew passed away earlier this year after being hit by a truck while she was on her bike in chicago (it was the truck’s fault), her sister got a bike tattoo to commemorate her sister and her love of biking.

  38. because I’m sure Cracky McSkankWhore actually gives a shit or remembers in 20 years that she got a butterfly on her right asscheek during Spring Break in Miami.

    sometimes tattoos are just decorations, not some deep meaningful insight on the nature of one’s being. Ask any brah on the street who thinks his bicep tribal looks “sick”.

  39. X-Wing chick, I will try to not hate you for having the tattoo I want. Now that I have seen it on someone else I can’t bear to get it. Not that I didn’t assume a thousand other people have the same damn thing in the first place.

  40. the guy who started my pegasus kept wanting to put a tat of a cigarette on my ass. this comment seems relevant to me.

  41. I can’t say that several of these are creative or unusual… Not to mention I have Don’t Panic(hitchhikers guide to the galaxy) and bows on the backs of my legs. since the age of 16. check the blog kids. and do your research.

    Some of them have amazing work. so maybe it should be titled Awesome tattoos.

    the Smile on the finger is by far my favorite. And perfect for a photographer. PROPS!

  42. Wow, I’m shocked you think anyone cares what you fucking think. You realize most of the people out there with tattoo’s probably want you to think that about them? You know why I got tattoo’s? So ignorant fucks like yourself will think there’s something wrong with me and leave me the fuck alone. And you know what? It’s working perfectly. :)

  43. So because I choose to put something on my body, you think I’m fucking defective? Doesn’t the fact that you are judgmental and closed minded indicate that your parents are fucking failures? Hmmm…kinda makes you wonder….

  44. Hahhaaha, the girl with Rafiki’s drawing of baby Simba on her back.
    Man, the Lion King is still genuinely one of my favorite movies.. It even inspired me to figure out the career that I’m pursuing.. but really? A tattoo of baby Simba? That is hysterical to me. Maybe I’m being insensitive, but there is no amount of money someone could pay ME to make me have that on my body the rest of my life.

  45. Following your line of thinking, then all shamans with power tats are immature? I have tats, I do shaman work and I am a Reiki Master. I think that as you progress out of your own immaturity towards self realization you will come to understand that the ink is physical and has little to do with enlightenment. It is part of the journey, a reminder, maybe an reinforced empowerment but little more then that. If it holds one in immaturity then one has not taken the step to progress through that energy and needs the reminder to do so. Afterwards, it is a reminder and reinforcement of a lesson learned and integrated. The tat is not there for the outside world, it is there for the individual, it is part of their journey. Your judgement holds you in your own lesson you are having trouble with.

  46. I’ve been planning on getting a tattoo. The zelda hearts one makes me want to get my Heartless and Nobody (kingdom Hearts) ones even more.
    Nerd tattoo are win.

    BTW. Trolls keep trolling, I find the arguments very entertaining to read.

  47. “So ignorant fucks like yourself will think there’s something wrong with me and leave me the fuck alone.”

    It’s a deal.

  48. Really important? Ryu vs Ken, for example, is really a symbol of lifelong importance to someone?

    OR . . .

    A bunch of people made terrible decisions they will almost certainly regret by the end of next year.

  49. Your all unique… just like everyone else :-p.

    And as long as the piece is something you enjoy.. fuck what everyone else thinks – if you had the tattoo done for them to begin with… I’m sure it would be a big fat hairy cock according to the comments here :-D

  50. 1. There is no need to put a picture on your self if you don’t want to communicate something to someone…

    2. It’s pointless to communicate same thing your whole life

    3. So, tattoos are great for people who want that kind of silent preaching, but it is a bummer you can’t upgrade the message every few years…

    4. ADVICE: Try T-shirts instead :-P :-P :-P

  51. i liked them the first time i saw this post, now i hate them ’cause i’ve seen them like 20 times this week, not lying

  52. what is your problem? i have several tattoos and they all have very personal meanings to them, i didnt get any of them just because it was the cool thing to do…i will admit there are some people out there that do that.but the majority of the people out there with tattoos love them the day they drew up the design the day they got it done and in 60 years when there old . so buddy you need to back the fuck off and remember that not everyone is a major fucktard like you…..k?

  53. i will admit to me some of the tattoos wouldn’t be my choice. by to each there own. the people who are tattoo bashers really need to leave. i have 4 tattoos some large some small. and i love them all. they all have very personal and special meaning to me. i have been screamed at on the street by people who think what i have done to by body is totally against what “god” created. but to me its a way of expressing myself…my way. some people dye their hair, some get piercing, some get tattoos…its all ways that we feel expresses who we are. and that’s what it should be about not whats the big fad right now or listen to what other people want us to do or not do with our own bodies.

  54. imagine the pickup lines…

    ‘hey baby’
    *undoes jacket showing cleavage*
    ‘want a ride?’

  55. It’s “Tattoos” not “Tattoo’s”, no apostrophe. If you’re gonna call someone else ignorant best not make such elementary errors.

    And I imagine the reason you got tattoos is because you, like everyone else with a tattoo, are common.

  56. I’m all for tattoos, really. And some of these are pretty cool…. I really like the first one, and the Portal one is pretty clever, I appreciate the subtlety. But then again, like 90% of them are pretty fucking stupid, to be honest. Like the giant bike on that chick’s chest? She’s gonna regret that when she’s like 50 and she’s not a hipster anymore. Or that little emo razor blade thing? Why would you tattoo something like that?
    I think that tattoos should A) represent something ACTUALLY meaningful, not some whim you had when you went into the tattoo parlor, and B) should actually look good; I mean, if you’re gonna spend a bunch of money to get your skin permenently altered, at least make it look cool, not like a pile of shit. Also, they should be creative. Dude with the joker tattoo – really? Couldn’t you have gotten one of the millions of t-shirts with the exact same picture?

  57. It’s funny. Over twenty years ago when I first started getting tattoos I had several people say they would look like shit in twenty years. Well, it’s been over twenty years and mine still look great. Most people get that idea because they had a grandfather or someone else they knew that got one in prison or while in the service overseas. Those tattoos were poorly done and that’s why they look like crap. A good artist and proper care while the tattoo is healing will make it last for years. I have one on my shoulder that has been subjected to a few minor sunburns over the years that has faded some of the color but a simple touch up will bring it back to life. I haven’t had a new tattoo in over seven years and when someone asks about the ones I have they are usually amazed at how fresh and good my ink looks. So if that’s the only thing holding you back from getting one take it from me that it’s a myth. Unless of course they are not for you. In that case be glad they aren’t mandatory and enjoy your scar free body.

  58. Mate Fairplay – You’ve got the whole thing in the bag with that comment.
    It’s the choices we make, as nieve as we might be while we’re making them.

    Hip, Lame or just plain down wrong – whatever.
    It is merely an extension of the person they want to be or they are becoming

  59. Haha, Go spend your stipend on another Killers album, these tattoos for the most part suck, they’re campy fuckin wanna be but trying way to hard “original”

  60. Some are really cool, but the one on the hand, she (i think she is a she) will have to spend every single day looking at it, i hope she is rich & doesnt need a job.

  61. just look at the pics and shut the eff up! i liked bruce cambell from army of darkness.

  62. dude idc if the joker tattoo is cliche or whatever but that ARTIST was a BADASS. that tattoo is perfect. i want that artists name.

  63. Here’s an idea – impulse control. Why permanently stain your body with an illustration? Would you wear the same exact t-shirt every single day for the rest of your life? A tattoo, especially some of what’s shown here, can be a wonderful piece of art. Why not then collect it as art on media other than skin? Add to that the fact that this iconography is fad and WILL fade. Even corporate logos are refreshed every so often.

  64. Blah blah blah, your tattoos are stupid.
    Blah blah blah, my tattoos are cool.
    Blah blah blah, tattoos are dumb.
    Blah blah blah, tattoos rule.
    This thread of conversation is truly lacking in creativity.

  65. So if I wanted to tattoo the quote “Dubito ergo cogito ergo sum” (I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am) you’d say it’s stupid? Even if it reflects my own idealogical views and the most important aspect of my life? People express themselves the way they do because of who they are, hating on that freedom only makes you ignorant. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

  66. I was going to say how it was disappointing that non of you noticed the Converge tattoo, after reading these comments though, I’m pretty glad. Shit.

  67. Hello my name is not rose, and i have a sonic screwdriver! (no tattoos though) =D
    the ones they sold to the public worked better than the original prop, so they threw out the original and just used one of the replicas. =)

  68. Lmao this is the most perpetual conversation I’ve ever read, I feel nearly as stupid as everyone who just repeated the previous comment, just for wasting my time reading it. Our greatest problem is a perfection of means and a confusion of aims. Lighten up people it’s all going to end anyway.

  69. Yeah, these tats aren’t creative so much as ironic. Hipsters googling obscure old cartoons and finding the “most badass pic” they can and heading down to the parlor doesn’t qualify as deep and meaningful. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are neat, but certainly not for their creativity. POINTS FOR IRONIC HIPSTER-NESS.

    ….but seriously, everyone just smoke a damn joint.

  70. Wow, you’re stupid?
    Let me guess, you dont have the courage to do something out of the box?
    You just like to be like everyone else. Right?

  71. Look, you want a tattoo, get one. I don’t care if everyone in the world has the same tattoo. You like something enough to put it on your body, kudos to you. Who are all of you out there to tell ANYONE what is right and what is wrong? I have 3 tattoos right now, 2 that are pretty cliche and one that I got for my mother, who was murdered if you must know. A plumber friend of mine has quite a few tattoos. Two of them are completely ridiculous: a stamp on his ass cheek that says “100% Grade A Meat” and another one on his upper arm of a plumber with a big ass pipe in some water with little piles of shit around it with the words “Layin’ The Pipe,” but they represent him and his personality. The dude is freaking hilarious. But, WHO CARES? I like the tattoos that I have and he likes his. I plan on getting my 4th tattoo very soon and it will be another one in honor of my mother. What most of you people don’t realize, is that though these may not look like they mean anything to you, they could mean a LOT of things to someone else. So, before you go judging someone for something THEY chose to put on their body, think how YOU would feel if someone who didn’t know you started judging all of the decisions YOU made in your life. I can bet that not ONE person that has posted something negative on here can say that they have NEVER IN THEIR LIVES done something reckless, stupid, or just plain ignorant. GET OVER YOURSELVES! And to be honest, I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone has some smart-ass “you’re an idiot” comment to say about me. Tell someone who actually cares.

  72. I concur with both statements! I’ll bring the bowl! Let’s go!
    (also, that second one looks too good to be a tat. But it might just be the lighting.)

  73. Oh my god. What? Getting tattoos is not “out of the box.” Everyone on the fucking planet has tattoos.

  74. Well, you do fit the description for trolling!

    Secondly, try getting a job with a tattoo across your upper chest, or on your forearm. If you decide to get a tattoo, just think what an interviewer will think when someone shows up in their office, with tattoos on their forearms.

    A tattoo may be an artful expression, but it is much safer to have the same artwork on your wall. The only really meaningful tattoo to me is the name of a loved one, either deceased or still living.

    If you want to say my opinion about jobs are incorrect, I have experience, trust me.

  75. Honestly these are some of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen, the only one I kind of liked was the smile because that is actually sort of creative. As for the rest of them, not all that creative, mostly ugly, and no significance what so ever to the majority of them. If you’re going to permanently scar your body and waste your money shouldn’t you at least get something legit rather then a cartoon character? What a bunch of hipsters!

  76. Alright, I’ll admit, some of these tattoos are pretty creative, though personally, I would NEVER get any of them. While they’re creative, I think a lot of them are meaningless and/or honestly, quite unattractive. I think tattoos should have some meaning, and just by looking, more than half of these seem to not have any meaning at all. I could definitely be wrong though. I guess my taste is rather different than these people. I do want a tattoo in the future, but I don’t know if that will happen seeing as how I have no idea what I want and like I said before, it needs meaning. Overall, I do like tattoos and I think they’re an interesing and artsy way of kinda showing who you are.

  77. Love the Zelda hearts, the converse, and the Princess Mononoke dudes. So awesome. I would loooove a Zelda inspired Tat

  78. I really like a lot of these… there are a ton of tattoos on this site I found http://iratetattoo.com/

  79. TL;DR  Do you have a point or did you just wanna drag a soap box out and say every little thing that was on your mind.

  80. Heres another idea .. why go onto sites like these where your just seeing people express themselves throughot art on their body.Its there choice, their body and their life.Everyone has their own opinion, If someoone wants too wear the same ‘shirt’ everyday then let it be.

  81. You know the difference between tattooed and those who doesnt have any? simply this, tattooed people doesnt judge the ones that dont. and they dont choose friendship. 

  82.  5. shut up

    6. go fuck yourself


  83.  for those of you that judge on these you obviously have no idea what tattoos represent. for the people that do have tattoos they are a way to express our opinions, a way to express who we are as a person, and a way to express what our words cannot. before you judge someone because they have a tattoo why don’t you figure out why they got that tattoo. figure out what their tattoo represents. some people actually put a lot of thought into their tattoos. this word is full of judgmental people and hypocrites. it’s such a shame to see so many people not realize what some people have to go through in their life and get tattoos to represent their pain or what they’ve overcome. get a freaking life and stop judging others. bet you wouldn’t like it if we judged yours.

  84. what is your name? KKK? Because that is how you are sounding. You need to accept that people have different ideals of beauty. KK, you are a hypocrite as well. The smile was one of the least creative tatoos on this whole page. Your judgement is flawed.

  85. these tattoos are outrageaously beautiful …no kidding! .I draw ,but not on skin with ink…I draw on paper with pencil but Im pretty sure they will never be as good as these artistic drawings.. i dont know what i would do on earth without art ……cause everything i see with my own eyes i know it is all basically like puzzle pecies all put together ..some how mine “our” brain has away of all putting them together letting us see what others cant and putting on paper ect. making it even more inportant then it should be..letting us see Gods gift for the people who sinned but now have a life to start over agian and follow the path ,the path that “the light” takes you.the path of honest and freedom to  choose whats right from wrong to sheild you from harm. to the place where the great father awaits, above us to the place to what we call “heaven” and that place is where I,  maybe you will thank him for all…

    -Rachel .G <3

  86. i totally agree! if your actually gonna put something on your body knowing its there for life i think it should mean something to you maybe not to someone else but to you …….it should have one of the most outstanding meanings of all to you exspecially.Or maybe the tattoo should express you or your person.Im one who has a very thoughtful personality ,maybe to thoughtful …..but whoever said that was a bad thing??? ;)

  87. To all the haters:
    1. Why are you on a tattoo site if you typically hate tattoos?
    2. I don’t think no one cares why you hate them and you won’t change someones mind from getting a tattoo.
    3. Most people with tattoos have thought over what they are going to put on their body and what it means to them. There might be some people who have tattoos because it was cool and their friends were doing it. But that doesn’t mean EVERY person is like that. Their tats might mean a lot to them, honoring a dead(or alive) loved one, letting strangers know how they feel without shouting it out on the streets. Maybe tattoos are not your way of expressing yourself, it is to others so chill and think before you say anything:)

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