Apr 24, 2014

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Unusual And Creative Tattoo Ideas

Few days back we posted Tattoo Ideas for Science Lovers which was much liked by our readers. And now we have brought some unusual and creative Tattoo Ideas which I hope you will enjoy.

These tattoos are not particularly in any order and i think they are odd enough to be featured on this odd stuff magazine, although i don’t know what is right, to get a tattoo or not but i guess the comments in this has some better views, please let us know what do you think about tattoos?

I hope you will like the selection and let us know if you have any pictures of your with some uncommon tattoo designs and ideas for tattoo lovers.

a big whale and sailing boat

a big whale and sailing boat

Done by Niki Norberg

Done by Niki Norberg [wicked tattoo Sweden]

Side tattoo probably the best Ganesha tattoo

Side tattoo probably the best Ganesha tattoo by Sergio Sanchez

Best portrait tattoo done by Aaron Peters

Fantastic portrait tattoo done by Aaron Peters from Bugaboo Tattoos

Sleeve tattoo - Best use of colors in a tattoo

Sleeve tattoo – Best use of colors in a tattoo by Rom Azovsky

Sleeve tattoo - Flower of life by Peter Madsen

Sleeve tattoo – Flower of life by Peter Madsen

Pen tattoo on Ear by Geo Ruiz in Chicago

Pen tattoo on Ear by Geo Ruiz in Chicago

After pregnancy tattoo on scar by David Allen (Photo by : BL/INK Photography)

After pregnancy tattoo on scar by David Allen (Photo by : BL/INK Photography)

Pink Floyd sleeve by Kyle Dyhrberg of Sinatras Custom Tattos in Wellington, New Zealand.

Pink Floyd sleeve by Kyle Dyhrberg of Sinatras Custom Tattos in Wellington, New Zealand.

zombie tattoo - Sweet! Nice and original

Zombie tattoo – Sweet! Nice and original

A Fox, jaw and bone by Paolo Acuna of Divinity Tattoo, Scottsdale AZ

A Fox, jaw and bone by Paolo Acuna of Divinity Tattoo, Scottsdale AZ

Stunning portrait by Roberto Da Silva, Germany

Stunning portrait by Roberto Da Silva, Germany

Raven tattoo by Nick of Tattoo Lou's (Long Island, NY)

Raven tattoo by Nick of Tattoo Lou’s (Long Island, NY)

Stag of the sun tattoo done on me by Peter Madsen at Meatshop Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark

Stag of the sun tattoo done on me by Peter Madsen at Meatshop Tattoo in Copenhagen, Denmark

tattoo ideas 15

tattoo ideas 16


tattoo ideas 17


tattoo ideas 18


tattoo ideas 19


tattoo ideas 20


tattoo ideas 21


tattoo ideas 22


tattoo ideas 23


tattoo ideas 24


tattoo ideas 25


tattoo ideas 26


tattoo ideas 27


tattoo ideas 28


tattoo ideas 29


tattoo ideas 30


tattoo ideas 31


tattoo ideas 32


tattoo ideas 33


tattoo ideas 34


tattoo ideas 35


tattoo ideas 36


tattoo ideas 37


tattoo ideas 38


tattoo ideas 39


tattoo ideas 40


tattoo ideas 41


tattoo ideas 42

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149 Responses to Unusual And Creative Tattoo Ideas

  1. brett holland says:

    just look at the pics and shut the eff up! i liked bruce cambell from army of darkness.

  2. Rupert Pupkin says:

    Here’s an idea – impulse control. Why permanently stain your body with an illustration? Would you wear the same exact t-shirt every single day for the rest of your life? A tattoo, especially some of what’s shown here, can be a wonderful piece of art. Why not then collect it as art on media other than skin? Add to that the fact that this iconography is fad and WILL fade. Even corporate logos are refreshed every so often.

    • Bob says:

      So if I wanted to tattoo the quote “Dubito ergo cogito ergo sum” (I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am) you’d say it’s stupid? Even if it reflects my own idealogical views and the most important aspect of my life? People express themselves the way they do because of who they are, hating on that freedom only makes you ignorant. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

    • Lawsonp says:

      Heres another idea .. why go onto sites like these where your just seeing people express themselves throughot art on their body.Its there choice, their body and their life.Everyone has their own opinion, If someoone wants too wear the same ‘shirt’ everyday then let it be.

    • u dont need to know says:

      You know the difference between tattooed and those who doesnt have any? simply this, tattooed people doesnt judge the ones that dont. and they dont choose friendship. 

    • Zimix420 says:

       ive been wearing the same shirt all year and i got tattoos.. dick

  3. Xochi says:

    Because Rupert, then it would be a drawing and not a tattoo.

  4. Reverend D says:

    Blah blah blah, your tattoos are stupid.
    Blah blah blah, my tattoos are cool.
    Blah blah blah, tattoos are dumb.
    Blah blah blah, tattoos rule.
    This thread of conversation is truly lacking in creativity.

  5. dave says:

    So many regrettable tattoos in there. Still, veru creative.

  6. dave says:


  7. ihopeyouallrealisehowstupidyousoundontheinternet smokeweedtoo says:

    I was going to say how it was disappointing that non of you noticed the Converge tattoo, after reading these comments though, I’m pretty glad. Shit.

  8. Me says:

    Lmao this is the most perpetual conversation I’ve ever read, I feel nearly as stupid as everyone who just repeated the previous comment, just for wasting my time reading it. Our greatest problem is a perfection of means and a confusion of aims. Lighten up people it’s all going to end anyway.

  9. Get Over Yourselves says:

    Look, you want a tattoo, get one. I don’t care if everyone in the world has the same tattoo. You like something enough to put it on your body, kudos to you. Who are all of you out there to tell ANYONE what is right and what is wrong? I have 3 tattoos right now, 2 that are pretty cliche and one that I got for my mother, who was murdered if you must know. A plumber friend of mine has quite a few tattoos. Two of them are completely ridiculous: a stamp on his ass cheek that says “100% Grade A Meat” and another one on his upper arm of a plumber with a big ass pipe in some water with little piles of shit around it with the words “Layin’ The Pipe,” but they represent him and his personality. The dude is freaking hilarious. But, WHO CARES? I like the tattoos that I have and he likes his. I plan on getting my 4th tattoo very soon and it will be another one in honor of my mother. What most of you people don’t realize, is that though these may not look like they mean anything to you, they could mean a LOT of things to someone else. So, before you go judging someone for something THEY chose to put on their body, think how YOU would feel if someone who didn’t know you started judging all of the decisions YOU made in your life. I can bet that not ONE person that has posted something negative on here can say that they have NEVER IN THEIR LIVES done something reckless, stupid, or just plain ignorant. GET OVER YOURSELVES! And to be honest, I don’t give a rat’s ass if someone has some smart-ass “you’re an idiot” comment to say about me. Tell someone who actually cares.

    • The Quiet One says:

      TL;DR  Do you have a point or did you just wanna drag a soap box out and say every little thing that was on your mind.

    • Alee prince says:

      Thats awesome ! haha. I love them . add me on facebook? Alee Prince.

  10. Stan says:

    Few good ones, a lot of EWWWs.

  11. Shenanigans says:

    these are so dumb who wants a damn fork on their arm?

  12. Shenanigans says:

    Forget last comment, I suck minge, forks are cool!

  13. KK says:

    Honestly these are some of the worst tattoos I’ve ever seen, the only one I kind of liked was the smile because that is actually sort of creative. As for the rest of them, not all that creative, mostly ugly, and no significance what so ever to the majority of them. If you’re going to permanently scar your body and waste your money shouldn’t you at least get something legit rather then a cartoon character? What a bunch of hipsters!

    • Zimix420 says:

       balls… what?

      ohhhh.. tits

    • John Zarakata says:

      what is your name? KKK? Because that is how you are sounding. You need to accept that people have different ideals of beauty. KK, you are a hypocrite as well. The smile was one of the least creative tatoos on this whole page. Your judgement is flawed.

  14. Jenna says:

    Alright, I’ll admit, some of these tattoos are pretty creative, though personally, I would NEVER get any of them. While they’re creative, I think a lot of them are meaningless and/or honestly, quite unattractive. I think tattoos should have some meaning, and just by looking, more than half of these seem to not have any meaning at all. I could definitely be wrong though. I guess my taste is rather different than these people. I do want a tattoo in the future, but I don’t know if that will happen seeing as how I have no idea what I want and like I said before, it needs meaning. Overall, I do like tattoos and I think they’re an interesing and artsy way of kinda showing who you are.

    • Rachel Leann Goldsmith says:

      i totally agree! if your actually gonna put something on your body knowing its there for life i think it should mean something to you maybe not to someone else but to you …….it should have one of the most outstanding meanings of all to you exspecially.Or maybe the tattoo should express you or your person.Im one who has a very thoughtful personality ,maybe to thoughtful …..but whoever said that was a bad thing??? ;)

  15. Megan Wilmoth DiCesare says:

    Love the Zelda hearts, the converse, and the Princess Mononoke dudes. So awesome. I would loooove a Zelda inspired Tat

  16. Jayr1669 says:

    man I love that miniature elephant!

  17. get over yourself, assholes. says:


  18. Siq Tats Bro says:

    Most of these SUCK and are not creative.

  19. Jude Wilmot says:

    I really like a lot of these… there are a ton of tattoos on this site I found http://iratetattoo.com/

  20. tattooqueen says:

    u suck and aren’t creative. these tattoos are awesome and u know it.

  21. alyssa_jadee says:

     for those of you that judge on these you obviously have no idea what tattoos represent. for the people that do have tattoos they are a way to express our opinions, a way to express who we are as a person, and a way to express what our words cannot. before you judge someone because they have a tattoo why don’t you figure out why they got that tattoo. figure out what their tattoo represents. some people actually put a lot of thought into their tattoos. this word is full of judgmental people and hypocrites. it’s such a shame to see so many people not realize what some people have to go through in their life and get tattoos to represent their pain or what they’ve overcome. get a freaking life and stop judging others. bet you wouldn’t like it if we judged yours.

  22. Tattoos says:

    Some are creative, most not!

  23. Dancercjay says:

    i ready to get mines nw!!

  24. Rachel Leann Goldsmith says:

    these tattoos are outrageaously beautiful …no kidding! .I draw ,but not on skin with ink…I draw on paper with pencil but Im pretty sure they will never be as good as these artistic drawings.. i dont know what i would do on earth without art ……cause everything i see with my own eyes i know it is all basically like puzzle pecies all put together ..some how mine “our” brain has away of all putting them together letting us see what others cant and putting on paper ect. making it even more inportant then it should be..letting us see Gods gift for the people who sinned but now have a life to start over agian and follow the path ,the path that “the light” takes you.the path of honest and freedom to  choose whats right from wrong to sheild you from harm. to the place where the great father awaits, above us to the place to what we call “heaven” and that place is where I,  maybe you will thank him for all…

    -Rachel .G <3

  25. Zacharyfry1 says:

    these made me laugh and that sucks

  26. Flubbybubbles2539 says:

    To all the haters:
    1. Why are you on a tattoo site if you typically hate tattoos?
    2. I don’t think no one cares why you hate them and you won’t change someones mind from getting a tattoo.
    3. Most people with tattoos have thought over what they are going to put on their body and what it means to them. There might be some people who have tattoos because it was cool and their friends were doing it. But that doesn’t mean EVERY person is like that. Their tats might mean a lot to them, honoring a dead(or alive) loved one, letting strangers know how they feel without shouting it out on the streets. Maybe tattoos are not your way of expressing yourself, it is to others so chill and think before you say anything:)