15 most unusual soups in the world with non-traditional ingredients

From childhood, everyone told that the soup has to be in the daily menu. Whether it’s a bowl of hot chicken soup on a cold winter night or cold cucumber soup, which pleasantly cool on a hot summer day, whether it’s just the first dish before the main evening or attempt to stay one’s stomach – all welcome. In a world of incredible number of recipes – just delicious and wholesome, normal and abnormal, but there is really unconventional soups.

In addition to the nests, soups put rats, snakes and most unpredictable part of other animals.Archaeologists believe that the first soup appeared in the history of cooking in the 6000-ies BC and was prepared from a hippopotamus. According to the testimony of Samuel Baker, a researcher of the 19th century, soup hippo quite tasty and nourishing. To make it, take the meat, animal fat and skin, cooked for a long time. A head, soaked in vinegar, served the soup. From France to Singapore, there are different recipes for this soup.

15. Soup Kiburu


This is a favorite soup Chagga tribe, whose members live at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. The basic elements are the banana and coffee – what they are available. The third ingredient in the soup is dirt, which acts as a seasoning. Cook this soup is very simple.

14. iguana soup


Soup will be served throughout the Caribbean region, particularly in Aruba, where the iguana is considered a chicken. In it, except meat, lots of vegetables. Iguana really reminds chicken to taste, but it is bony and with scales, but it is considered an aphrodisiac. The fact that two iguanas penis precisely one, but branched.

13. Soup “Dragon-Tiger-Phoenix”


This soup is a magical name is a traditional Chinese cuisine, exclusive in southern China, for example, in Guangdong. But it does not present the ingredients stated in the title – it’s just a metaphor. In the soup to eat meat snakes, as the dragon, cat, civet, as a tiger, and chicken, as a phoenix.

12. Soup Tien Khan


This is a traditional soup Asians. Bloody Vietnamese soup made from fresh duck blood, but strangely does not end there, since it is necessary to add a goiter and birds. To the blood clot, it was cooled in the refrigerator, and thus fed. It is believed that the soup and gives strength to the one who eats, and the one who prepared it.

11. Menudo Soup


This is a traditional soup, in English it is called “The Mexican soup”, which is prepared in the cow stomach for special occasions, such as for the treatment of a hangover. The main ingredients of this stomach cows and corn porridge. Soup cook on low heat for a long time and, as they say, it turns out very tasty thanks to the delicate stomach.

10. Soup of beer


Beer soup – a paradise for beer lovers, as it is served with bread for breakfast, a symbol of good days. It was invented in Germany, but in time to the Middle Ages it became popular throughout Europe. The main ingredient in the soup, of course, have a beer, to which you add fried flour. However, there are different recipes, some of them still use potatoes.

9. Soup bats


This soup is popular on the islands of Palau in the Pacific. It is prepared from bats despite diseases that these animals are spread, and coconut milk, wherein the animal meat, and cooked for several hours. Some restaurants offer a taste soup from a plate which looks the head of a bat.

8. Hush


There are many varieties of this dish. Cypriots are preparing soup lamb head in Armenia from cow feet and sometimes the head, in Iran and Azerbaijan – from heads and hooves of sheep, but in Iraq it adds another stomach and legs. Albanians added head sheep, pigs and other livestock. This soup is perfect for the winter season.

7. Soup rooster testicles


The soup is very similar to a traditional chicken noodle soup, but it instead of using chicken rooster testicles. They are made with vegetables in the broth until tender. They say that they have creamy texture in the soup and they look like tofu, just thick-skinned. It is believed that the soup has a positive effect on the state of women’s leather and male power.

6. Soup


Soup similar to the Mexican Menudo soup, the only difference is that in cow’s stomach is boiled goat different parts: the language of the heart, lungs, liver and brain. If you’re lucky, you can find in the soup cow hooves and tail. They treat a hangover, and is traditionally eaten for breakfast.

5. Soup # 5


In broth for soup put the penis and testicles of the bull, known ingredients of dishes that are considered aphrodisiacs. Genitals bull dipped in boiling water, add the vegetables and spices. This soup is popular in Southeast Asia. By the way, Chinese restaurants, it is called – soup №5.

4. Soup with chocolate


Those who can not afford expensive exotic soup, but have a desire to try something unusual may eat chocolate with noodles. Dish from the Japanese confectioners “Lotte” and chocolate brand Ghana fit to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In the present combination platter of sweet and salty, chocolate and spices.

3. tiger penis soup


Of all the soups of the genitals of animals tiger penis soup is considered to be the most expensive. He was an exclusive dish in China and was considered a natural “Viagra”. Tiger penis week soaked in water and then cooked all day on low heat with spices and herbs, sometimes added tiger bones. Despite the fact that the tiger becomes an endangered species, the ingredients can be purchased in Asian markets worldwide.Sometimes, instead of the tiger using the relevant parts of a deer or bull.

2. Turtle Soup


Judging by the title, the main ingredient in a soup considered a tortoiseshell meat. This is an expensive and gourmet soup that is traditional in some cultures, such as in Singapore and the United States, China and East Asia. For him, use the green soft-shelled turtles. Is a kind of soup of the Cayman Turtle, which is made in the USA, especially in the south. When you use these soups have a chance to seriously poisoned.

1. The bird’s nest soup


Soup from the nests of swallows has always been considered a delicacy in China and are very expensive. It is served only in some restaurants. Swallows Nest mold using mud, manure and its saliva, that this spit in the soup and performs the role of gelatin.

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