World’s 10 Largest Unsettled UFO Stories

1. The Foo Fighters

At the same stage when the WWII going on American, British, German and French fighter pilots saw large bright globe in the sky but could not clarify what exactly that was – and these could be known as “foo fighters.”

2. Hopeh Incident, China

This photograph’s buy from a street photographer in China and was taken in 1942. Some people said it was looked like a hat or a bird.

3. Men in Black

A seaman declared in 1947 he saw six doughnut shaped UFO’s above Maury Island off the Puget Sound in Washington. He said the UFO dropped some garbage on the deck and killed his dog. Next morning he declared a man in black dress, driving a black Buick at his door entrance and told about the unclear threats and if he told to anyone about the incident so his family would be in danger.

4. First Flying Saucer Sighting

Kenneth Arnold considered 9 UFO’s flying in the air near by Mt. Ranier, Washington after the Men in Black incident. Presses invent the term “flying saucer” to explain the matter. Arnold becomes a semi celebrity in the World of the paranormal by his story.

5. Disappearance of Felix Moncla

U.S. Air force Pilot Felix Moncla moved out into then air while he follows a UFO over Lake Superior in 1953. And the UFO on radar but they were two blips combined and then misplaced.

6. Disappearance of Felix Moncla (Cont’d)

An aircraft parts found in the lake in 1968 but not confirmed as part of Moncla’s aircraft.

7. Jimmy Carter’s UFO Sighting

President Jimmy Carter said, “One thing’s for sure, I’ll never make fun of people who say they’ve seen unidentified objects in the sky.” When he saw an object which changed color from blue, to red and back to white in Leary, Georgia in 1969.

8. The Grimming Man

While The Grinning Man was first marked after a UFO sighting in 1966 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, he has busted up all over the United States after other sightings, telling witnesses his name is “Indrid Cold.” Witnesses have explained him as a tall man who looks human, but has no nose or ears—only eyes and a large grin.

9. O’Hare Airport

On Tuesday, November 7, 2006, the FAA received reports that 12 airline employees at Chicago’s O’Hare had dotted a metal saucer shaped craft hanging over one of the departure gates. According to witnesses, the disc floating for about two minutes, but when people went out to investigate, it abruptly took off through the clouds.

10. Turkey

Yalcin Yalman a night guard in Turkey witnessed a large amount of UFOs while on duty in 2008 and decided to tape them. He provided the Sirius UFO Space Research Center with two and a half hours of footage, prompting them to call the tapes, “the most important UFO images ever,” though their veracity has yet to be proven.