10 Building Projects that are incredibly expensive, but totally inappropriate

In ancient Thailand White elephants were considered unworthy to present, as to their content to spend a lot of effort, but they worked poorly. Today, the term “white elephants” refers to objects that are impressive in its scope, but they are absolutely useless. In every city you can find such objects. We offer an overview of incredibly expensive, but totally inappropriate projects.

10. Russian Bridge


Nikita Khrushchev once called Vladivostok “Russian San Francisco.” Not to be unfounded in the city decided to build a bridge similar to the American “Golden Gate”. When in 2007 in Vladivostok planned economic conference of Asia and the Pacific, here decided to build the most expensive and longest cable-stayed bridge in the world, which will connect Vladivostok with a Russian island. It surpassed a billion dollars. The building was completed in 2012. If the San Francisco bridge connects the two metropolis, the bridge in Vladivostok held on the island, home to 5,000 people. According to the project plan on a daily basis over the bridge had to move 50,000 vehicles. Maybe during the two-day conference bridge and brought the hosts, then mostly useless building pleases the eye of tourists.

9. Ground metro Detroit


Once lived in Detroit 1.8 million, the city was considered the fourth largest in the US and impressed everyone with its skyscrapers and bustling business center. Ironically, in the automotive capital of the United States was practically no public transport, and especially difficult to get into the city center from the suburbs. In the 80s here decided to build a ground station to connect the center with the main business districts and tourist attractions. The length of the line was 5 kilometers, but it was a very significant drawback – the line was a ring, and residents of the suburbs and could not easily accessible to the center. Travel cost the $ 3, which is very expensive. According to the project daily ground station must be transported 68,000 passengers, and really enjoyed his services 6,000. Some called a new form of transport “horizontal lift to nowhere.” Today, the city that declared bankrupt, live only about 700 000 people.

8. Hotel Rügen, North Korea


In 1987, in Pyongyang, North Korea, began construction of a 105-story skyscraper that was supposed to be the tallest hotel in the world. The world’s tallest hotel with 3,000 rooms in the city, in which nobody comes. Construction was not without major problems and it cost $ 750 million, which accounted for 2% of GDP. In 1992, after the collapse of the USSR Korea had to stop the project. The way it stood until until Egyptian Egyptian telecommunications company did not offer complete construction. Thanks to the installed windows on the facade, giving the cement construction of an aesthetic appearance. It is not known when the hotel will be able to receive guests, because inside he is not ready.

7. Mirabel International Airport


In the late ’60s in Montreal had a chance to become the cultural center of Canada in the world. In the city in 1967 was held World Fair Expo 67, and in 1976 the town received the right to host the Summer Olympics. Construction of the airport would bring Montreal not only to the US, but also Europe. While passenger planes had to land to refuel before crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Then it was decided to build additional airport area of ​​500 square kilometers, 55 kilometers from Montreal Dorval Airport as it could not take a huge number of aircraft.

ARYGHB Interior of Mirabel International Airport in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

When in 1975 the airport Mirabel opened, it was decided to transfer the airport in Dorval home status, and Mirabell – service only international flights. Eventually, when the aircraft technical characteristics could fly much further, it has been decided for the convenience of passengers to sit in the other airports to tourists from Europe and Europe did not spend an hour getting from one airport to another. Since 1997 Dorval airport again began to take international flights, and a huge airport Mirabel gradually turned into the cargo.

6. Athens Olympic infrastructure


In 1997, Athens got the right to host the 2004 Olympics. Since Olympic Committee was not satisfied with the quality of sports infrastructure and its involvement in the construction of the money of big corporations in Atlanta in 1996, then was told to Greece: to build bigger and better for the money-governmental organizations.


During the Olympic Games in Greece sports infrastructure has been highly appreciated by all, but no one thought about what to do next. The main stadium was transferred to the local football club for football matches and other events, and other objects were worthless, for example, chic stadium for volleyball games on the beach, as well as a baseball stadium. It is estimated that the Olympics along with the security system cost Greece 5% of GDP. Not surprisingly, the country in a few years experienced an economic crisis.

5. Polosa Airport Lambert-St Louis


By the mid-90s St. Louis was the eighth of the busiest airports, mainly due to the fact that domestic flights serviced and had a good reputation, won over the years. The area of the airport was considered not sufficient, because the runways were densely arranged that did not meet standards and could cause accidents especially in bad weather conditions. A simple solution would be to build a new airport. St. Louis is located in the Mississippi River, and at the other shore is enough space to build new terminals. But this area of Illinois, Missouri and the authorities did not want to be the airport was in another state. It was therefore decided to donate Bridgeton area where population of 20 000 workers. According to the plan of construction assumed in 2000 the demolition of houses, four schools and six churches. In 1998 launched a plan with the protests. By 2006, when the project was implemented, the number of flights fell by 80%, so the need for additional bandwidth anymore. The price for this useless building became ruined Bridgeton and $ 1.1 billion. Today the band is used in cases of emergency and only 5% of all flights.

4. Olympic Stadium in Montreal


Despite the fact that the Olympic Games in 1976 was a great success, Montreal, as well as Athens, was in unfavorable economic situation. In addition to the construction of sports facilities, a lot of money was spent on security, because in 1972 there was the Munich tragedy. Although, unlike Athens, in Montreal had a plan for the use of sports infrastructure after the Olympics. The central object is considered to Olympic Stadium, he was given the nickname “Big O” because of the shape, only to finish the roof he did not have time. After the games, he became the venue for international exhibitions. Over time, with the installation of roof problems were different: it flowed, it could blow the wind, covered with snow, and so on. D. Therefore, the organizers of the world exhibition Expo started to look for another site. In 2005, the Expo has moved to Washington. In 2006, the stadium gave the last $ 1.6 billion of debt as a result of the construction of the stadium was the most expensive in the world. And now the locals call it the “big debt.”

3. Palace of the Parliament


In 1984, Nikolai Ceausescu, the dictator of Romania, decided, despite the poverty of the country in the field of health, education and food security, to build a giant palace, the largest in Europe, Government House. In 1989, Ceausescu was executed and left a huge building. The new government decided to use it as before, although only takes a third of the premises. This is one of meaningless buildings, the content of which rests on the shoulders of taxpayers.

2. The Millennium Dome (O2 Arena)


In the 90s all in awe expected onset of the third millennium and associates it with the end of the world. The British government decided to build a grand structure, devoted to this event cost $ 1.3 billion, which would have towered over the Thames and served as the venue for exhibitions, attracting 12 million people a year. In fact, since the visitors was only 6 million, as generally represented in building various advertising sponsors. Nobody thought of what to do with this structure further. Few years, the building stood empty until the mobile phone company O2 has not got it, now she uses the Dome for concerts.

1. New South China mall


In 2005, in Dongguan began construction of the world’s largest shopping center. It planned to accommodate 2,000 stores, restaurants and entertainment centers, build a copy of the Venetian canals and the Arc de Triomphe. But a dozen shops that time does not appear. The most popular place was the McDonald’s.

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