10 Fantastic Development of Military Futuristic Weapons

Over the past 100 years, the military industry has made a huge leap forward in creating a new generation of weapons. It is believed that the production of more sophisticated weapons prolongs the period of peace on the planet. Submitted samples in the survey confirm the fact that a new era in which the arms race was taken to a new level.

From the invention of the gun and the tank of the First World War to modern air forces and nuclear weapons, the development of which began during World War II, was not so much time. Tv 21st century military industry is not standing still, and continues to develop the technology and inventing new items.At the time when most countries are armed with traditional weapons, created in the last century, engineers are developing a new leading countries to demonstrate their power and not give occasion to the enemies to doubt a fitting rebuff in case of aggression.

10. Grenade HM25


Semi-automatic semi-automatic grenade XM 25, which is used by the US military forces, different from the grenade Punisher. The latter was designed to better engage targets that are in shelters or in the trenches, underground. Dignity grenade XM 25 is the ability grenades explode halfway to the target or near the target. With the explosion in the air increases the area of ​​damage. It was tested in Afghanistan and will be in service with US forces at the end of this year.

9. DF-21


According to rumors, China has developed weapons of mass destruction, which is capable of hitting US warships at a sufficiently long distance. One such missile can destroy the super aircraft carrier, as a carrier of a powerful warhead. In addition to lethal force, they say that the missile invisible to radar thanks to high maneuverability. And China does not stop there.

8. Railgun


Powerful accelerator electrode is theoretically capable of launching rockets into space. The gun was built and tested as anti-aircraft and anti-submarine weapon. Start projectile at very high speeds, close to the speed of sound. This technology is faulty and continues to improve in the United States. For example, it is planned to equip warships batteries for charging and reduce the rate of release of the projectile. Equip such ships cannons plan by 2025.

7. DREAD «quiet» Weapon


If the weapon is so named as DREAD (Horror), then you can associate it with serious devastating consequences. Weapons of mass destruction, a kind of machine gun, based on a rotating disc-type centrifuges, of which fly in a circle bullet. The patent for the invention was obtained in 2003. One minute gun makes 120,000 revolutions totally silent, does not overheat and without recoil. While the weapon is under cultivation, and when entered service is unknown.

6. The aircraft Aurora Excalibur


Drone Aurora Excalibur, the development of Aurora Flight Sciences, can take off and land vertically like a helicopter, and is capable of speeds up to 800 km / h. The unit can be set to a variety of weapons, including four anti-tank missiles Hellfire. The first version of the device has been tested successfully in 2009, as a result it was decided to engage in full-scale development of the hybrid-based helicopter Apache. Adopted the unit will come in 5-10 years.

5. The system of defense on the basis of high-energy laser


Defense system based on high-energy laser, known as HELLADS, this weapon to destroy rockets, artillery and mortars. This is a fairly compact system, easy to equip ships. Unlike traditional laser systems that require a period of time for cooling system HELLADS always ready to attack, thanks to an integrated cooling system, which makes it an effective weapon during warfare. The system is being tested for the past 6 years, and adopted its plan to put in 5 years.

4. Quantum camouflage based on technology “stealth”


A similar phenomenon can be observed in the movies sci-fi theme. Quantum camouflage based on technology “stealth” makes a person virtually invisible. It was developed in Canada with the support of the United States, both countries are interested in using it during warfare. The principle of operation can be observed while watching movies, “The Lord of the Rings” and “Harry Potter” when the character came from the light rays that made him invisible. This camouflage can save the life of the pilots who were forced to eject in hostile territory.

3. The laser system based on free electrons


Laser operating on the principle of the free electrons – this is another development of the US arms industry, which is capable of hitting torpedoes, missiles and enemy aircraft. In addition to the ability to work on the principle of fast-moving electrons in a magnetic field, it will be able to track, identify and target the enemy and transmit information to the command post. Only recently Navy US contracted for the construction of the system. Previously it was used for non-military purposes. The prototype is expected by 2018.

2. Insects hybrids


A subsidiary of the agency Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), the US engaged in the development, which is based on the creation of beetles hybrids original cyborgs by implanting them mechanical devices in the early stages of metamorphosis of insects. With these devices beetle can be controlled for military purposes, such as hard-to-reach goals. These developments require more time and effort to improve, to become perfect and to enter into service.

1. Synthetic organisms


this is another ambitious project agency DARPA. It is difficult to fully understand the principle of its operation, but it is aimed at the creation of engineered organisms that are able to resist death. In other words, they are planning to get a “Universal Soldier” by the maximum development of diverse opportunities and ability to regenerate after injury. This technology involves the development of prosthetics, when the prosthesis is controlled by neurons in the brain, implantation of computer technology for information processing and communications, the ability to restore blood loss and neuroscience that can manage mental processes. In addition, the DNA molecule is introduced gene devotion. Since the project is controversial different nature, it seems that in the near future, the results should be expected.

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