10 Interesting Truck Messages

You must be very  aware of the messages that are written on the trucks.This messages are sometimes funny and sometimes meaningful. So lets find out-

1) Don’t like my driving! Who cares –

The message simply shows how bold the driver is. He doesn’t care about the world and don’t like people much. If you don’t like his driving then go to hell who cares!


2) Driving Instructions–

Very simple but clearly written that if you go by left then you will survive otherwise u willl meet the hell soon (suicide zone).


3) Sanitation truck –

Overtaking this truck may be dangerous since it contains liquid substance, so try not to overtake and be the lucky one to be on 2nd spot.



10 Interesting Truck Messages4) If you can read this Turn me over–

The jeep with upside down, now can the driver find it funny? Whatever please save him.

10 Interesting Truck Messages

5) This vehicle makes wide ass turn–

what will you say about this truck? But be aware of it son because it is dangerous and you know what to do next.so never try to overtake it.


10 Interesting Truck Messages6) If my wife let me ride –

Illustrative frustration of the hubby cum truck driver. It shows he loves his bike (truck) more than his wife because she cant let her ride much.


10 Interesting Truck Messages7) Does this ass make my truck look big –

Completely innovative idea to insult someone, you can also try on the back of your truck. Funny….isnt it?

10 Interesting Truck Messages8) Pick up van –

This van is mostly used to pick the stray animals from the roads, which is clearly written.

10 Interesting Truck Messages




9) Social issues in India-

Now the trucks are also also helping the government to make people awake about the importance of girls.


10) Reliable truck-

Nothing can be more reliable than this truck and its driver, you should go for this for sure. It is very safe buddy!


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