10 Mesmerizing Rooftop Places

Humans are always ready to hunt for exciting and innovative things and having addicted with the same habit they decided to utilize the roof tops of their private houses, public buildings and all those places which can be used. These places now become very attractive and huge number of people likes to gather here.

1)  Rooftop Playground (Denmark) –

The JDS architect of Denmark decided to utilize the roof tops of three of the pent houses as playgrounds and hence gave the perfect example of utilizing the area in the dense places?

Rooftop Playground (Denmark)2) Rooftop Pool (Singapore) –

It’s the world’s largest outdoor swimming pool constructed on the top of 55 storey building. This is built by Marina Bay Sands development of Singapore.

Rooftop Pool (Singapore)3)  Rooftop Trailer Park (South Africa) –

This unique trailer park is situated in Cape town, South Africa and is now a days a great center of attraction for people. This is owned by Grand Daddy hotel.

Rooftop Trailer Park (South Africa)4) Rooftop Tennis Court (Dubai) –

This tennis court is at the height of 211mt on the top of Burj Al Arab and had first match between Andre Agassi and Roger Federer.

Rooftop Tennis Court (Dubai)5) Rooftop Roller Coaster (Japan) –

The roller coaster was built on the top of 8- storey building but was never opened because of some problem related with the lateral forces.

Rooftop Roller Coaster (Japan)6) Rooftop bar (Thailand) –

This open bar should be in the list of your favorite destination place because it enthralls you with an iconic view of Bangkok and the Chao River from 63rd floor.

Rooftop Bar (Thailand)7) Rooftop Cinema (Australia) –

This cinema hall must give you some fantastic and memorable experiences as they serve alcohol too here.

Rooftop Cinema (Australia)8) Rooftop Garden (Singapore) –

These gardens are the world’s longest chain of roof top gardens and in the next 5 years the Singapore’s Housing Development Board has plans to extend it to over 9 hectares.

Rooftop Garden (Singapore)9) Rooftop Office (Australia) –

These images till date is only sketches of what will be created in Australia after some years. But on their completion everyone will get dazzled by its unique engineering.

Rooftop Office (Austria)10) Rooftop Farm (Chicago) –

In the year 2008, a local man of Chicago W. Devon built this 2500 square ft rooftop organic farm. And besides providing its yield to the restaurant downstairs it is also used to give lessons on the “organic farm in the cities” to students and other adult volunteers.

Rooftop Farm (Chicago)

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