10 Most Stylish Drain Stoppers

Everyone gets amazed after reading the heading as how can one drains in style? But you will also believe this after watching these auspicious drain stoppers. No one ever dreamed that these stoppers can be as such beautiful and stylish. So lets take a brief tour and forget youself in the colorful world of these stoppers.

1)  Polar Bear Drain Stopper-

Cute isn’t it? How beautiful bear takes a bath with you? You can find its answer only after buying it.

2) Reed Bath Plug-

if you love aquatic life and always dream of taking its charms then you must go for this amazing reed plant drain stopper.


3) Bath Bomb Drain Stopper-

Some will find it scary while some love its style and color. Children always want to see some bomb or explosive with them. So you can buy this for your little ones.


4) Scuba Diver Bath Plug-

If you have an unfulfilled dream of becoming a scuba driver than you can somewhat lessen your love by taking this artificial scuba driver into your tub.

Scuba Diver Bath Plug

5)  Newspaper Boat Drain Stopper-

To remember your childhood memories you will definitely keep this in your tub and try to forget yourself in your lovely days that will never come again.

Newspaper Boat Drain Stopper6) Stuck! Goldfish Bathtub Stopper –

This silicon rubber stopper looks like a gold fish and you will love to bath with this beautiful fish. You get amazing and freshing experience and always want to bath with this little dummy fish.

Stuck! Goldfish Bathtub Stopper7)  Streamline Soap Boat and Tub Plug –

Wanna see the boat sailing while bathing then you should go for it. This is expensive somewhat but you can pay for it on the behalf that it adds extreme pleasure in your bath tub.

Streamline Soap Boat and Tub Plug8) HELP! Drain Stopper-

It’s a hand needing help and you will love to hold its hand as it’s the most beautiful and funny hand you can ever see.

HELP! Drain Stopper9) Suicide Bathtub Plug-

Dangerous intentions yet a lovely plastic man who seems to commit suicide is very helpful in making your mood funny.

Suicide Bathtub Plug10) Flower to Test the Water-

No one can find that its not real if placed with the original flowers. Very lovely drain stopper to provide peace and love to your mind and body while bathing.

Flower to Test the Water

35 thoughts on “10 Most Stylish Drain Stoppers”

  1. MASSIVE FAIL and incredibly bad taste in wording: “Dangerous intentions yet a lovely plastic man who seems to commit suicide is very helpful in making your mood funny.”

  2. I put my flower drain stopper in with some original flowers and now I can’t find that it’s not real! Someone please send a scuba driver to help lessen my love!

  3. Minus the incredibly bad English, these are all pretty funny. Except the bomb and the suicide victim, which are really tasteless. And I don’t get the connection between children and explosives. I must have skipped that phase growing up.

  4. Obviously this is “Engrish”, but they are trying to be funny and relevant. So maybe you should try and learn a new language and culture and be able to write in it fluently before you start belittling people on the internet.

  5. I grew up in the USA and us kids played army, lit firecrackers, and blew stuff up every chance we got! (those we’re the good old days)

  6. the newspaper boat reminds me of the paper boat the boy chased in the rain to the drain, in the book “IT”….i sure don’t want that in MY tub.

  7. really people, there novelty items, quit your bitchin and if you don’t like it leave the page 

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  9. I’m certain they realize its plastic. It’s still a little messed up that an image of a suicide is supposed to make ‘your mood funny.’

  10. You obviously did. Guy Fawke’s night was a hoot with cheap gunpowder and such. Firing rockets at each other from tubes like bazookas, making cannons out of old rifle cartridges and holding bangers (they were powerful then, not like the wimpy ones you get now) for the count of three while the firework fizzed. Great fun and no deaths or injuries. Some people had a very poor childhood.

  11. ew you guys are so sensitive these days. explosives and kids? its a joke people, maybe not so much the suicide but get some humor people..

  12. ew you guys are so sensitive these days. explosives and kids? its a joke people, maybe not so much the suicide but get some humor people..

  13. this was clearly written by someone whose first language isn’t english, so maybe the meaning was lost in translation. chill out ya pansy

  14. Sounds like someone who isn’t a native speaker of English… no big deal, its the stoppers which are important!

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