10 Smallest People with Biggest Dreams

Height is always considered as a key to success, more your height is more you feel proud of yourself. In fact it enhances your personality, makes you the center of attraction. But what for the people who are small, as small as a child? Couldn’t they expect better and successful life. If you think like this then here are some short heighted people (or, better call them Lilliputians) who are dazzling the world with their determination and confidence.

1)Ajay Kumar –

Just 2 feet 6 inches tall Ajay Kumar has Guinness World Record of being the world’s shortest actor. This comedian works in the films of Kerala (an Indian state). He is very famous and is like an icon there.

Ajay Kumar (World's Smallest Actor)2)Chen Guilan and Li Tangyong –

Both are trying to be in the Guinness Book as the worlds shortest couple. Chen is only 2ft 4inches and Li is 3ft 7 inches. They are very happy in their life and now famous all over China.

Chen Guilan & Li Tangyong (World's Shortest Couple) - 2ft 4in and 3ft 7in3)Edward Nino Hernandez –

Previous world record of world’s shortest man was on his name. Edward is only 2ft 3 ½ inches tall. He is 24years old and weighs only 10kg.

Edward Nino Hernandez (Previous World's Smallest Man) - 2ft 31⁄2 in4) Khagendra Thapa Magar –

He is also worlds smallest man for sometime with height of 2ft 2 inches. He is of Indian origin and lives in the state of Punjab. But now his record is broken by Junrey Balawing of Philippines.

Khagendra Thapa Magar (Previous World's Smallest Man) - 2ft 2in5) Jyoti Amge –

again an Indian teenager of 14 years, Jyoti is only 1ft 11 inches and weighs only 5kg. She has a dream of becoming a Bollywood actress someday. Presently she is the world’s smallest girl.

Jyoti Amge (World's Smallest Girl) - 1ft 11in6) Junrey Balawing –

The present world record of worlds shortest man is on his name. this Filipino is only 23.5 inches tall.

Junrey Balawing (Current World's Smallest Man) – 23,5in7)Stacey Herald –

Here is the world’s smallest mother Stacey Herald who is only 2ft 4inches tall. This brave lady despite risking her life is about to give birth to her 3rd child. Doctors told them that it is very risky for him to conceive but she and her husband still dares to take the risk.

 Stacey Herald (World's Smallest Mother) - 2ft 4in8)Aditya ‘Romeo’ Dev –

The world’s shortest body builder Aditya is just 2ft 9 inches tall in height. Dev is only of 9kg but can lift 1.5kg dumbbells. He is now very famous in his town Phagwara, India.

Aditya 9)Shannon Bobbitt –

Though this girl is not so small as she has a height of 5 ft 2 inches, but when it comes on professional basketball player then she is undoubtedly the world’s smallest professional. She is a native of New York, America.

Shannon Bobbitt (World's Shortest Professional Basketball Player) – 5ft 2in 10) Gul Mohammed –

This Indian has the record of world’s shortest man ever documented. He was only 1ft 10.4 inches tall and died due to respiratory complexities in New Delhi. He had a very bad habit of smoking which was proved very fatal for him as he was the patient of Bronchitis and Asthma.

Gul Mohammed (Shortest Man Ever Documented) – 1ft 10in

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