10 Strange Animations

Animations are loved by billions of people all over the world and some animation lovers try out different things to make these animations a part of their life and they also inspired many others beside them. Some try tattoos, some try paints, some try ornaments and some still look for new ways. So come and find these crazy animations.

1) Finger Nail Animation –

Kia is astonishing everyone with its new and almost impossible sort of nail animations which took 25 days and nights and 1200 nail polish bottles to be completed.

Finger Nail Animation2) Balloon Popping Animation –

This new trend is developed by the Brazilian ad agency and 10 balloons are popped  every second to create the effect.


Balloon Popping Animation3) Embroidery Animation –

15 individual embroidery frames made this impossible task possible. Thanks to the designer Aubrey Longley-Cook.

Embroidery Animation4) Fire Animation –

This video game sequence is all made of tea candles and is made by you-tube member Brusspup.

Fire Animation5) Bread Animation –

This time the official music video is made on the 215 loaves of expired bread for the Ok Go’s “Last Leaf”.

Bread Animation6)  Post It Animation –

This is the post it notes for the new flagship shop of the Brazilian shoe maker Melissa. About 30,000 fans write on this post it notes.


Post It Animation7) Sand Animation –

The world record is made through this animation by shooting the largest stop motion animation in which the largest scene is stretched for more than 11,000 square feet. thanks to Nokia N8.

Sand Animation8) Tattoo Animation –

Ballantine’s, a brand of blended scotch whiskies has new tagline of “leave an impression” and is using tattoos of the people to animate.

Tattoo Animation9) Light Stick man Animation –

Imaginative, innovative and tough. These three words are better to define this creative light work. It took more than 5000pictures, 57 stencils,8 9volt batteries and many other things.

Light Stickman Animation10) Star-craft Lego Animation –

This excellent Lego animation is made by the professional Alex Kobbs. This works on the sounds of the game.

Starcraft Lego Animation

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