10 Wonderful Toilet Paper Holder. Number 6 is Absolutely Stunning

Without toilet paper anywhere now, so when you make a bathroom immediately complete and bought a special holder. That’s just the kind he often normal, classic, causes no emotion. We offer a review of the original toilet paper holder that will make a different approach to the selection.

10. strongmen



Strung toilet paper rolls on the bar – the correct and interesting solution. Here are just a few of the style is suitable for such a holder, except that it will be appropriate to look at some fitness club.

9. vintage boots


Fans of vintage style can get old boots, insert them in wooden rolling pin for rolling dough and as a result get incredibly original toilet paper holder.

8. Black Dragon


Looks exciting, but it requires a certain style bathroom. Ideal for ready.

7. Ekonomvariant


When a lot of money not have to save not only on the toilet paper and on the holder. Here then come to the aid of skilled hands and wire. If the hand and it does not exist, then we can bring to bear a coat hanger.

6. Skateboard


If somewhere is old and unnecessary skateboard, he can find a new use.

5. The question mark


Excellent holder for those who buy a big pack at once toilet paper. As soon as the old roll, a new self-fell down.

4. Batman


People to help, of course, need, only few people dare to leave yourself to the bathroom like toilet paper holder, unless a very big fan of hero.

3. Boxing files


In boxing will put a few rolls of toilet paper, which will always be at your fingertips.

2. Tree


Air design, hung with rolls of toilet paper, actually made of steel. It is attached to the wall, so you can not be afraid that “tree” fall.

1. Cat


Original and funny, only he is unlikely to agree to lie in the same place with the rolls on the feet for a long time.

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